Monday, November 21, 2016

I wanna start a boycott to boycott boycotts!

Over the past few weeks we’ve become an overly sensitive society in the disrespect that many are holding their collective breathe and stomping feet in protest/boycott of every freakin’ issue from a theatre jeer to twitter outburst to Moonpie minis. People are feeling the urge to pitch their bitch about celebs or corporations jumping on a political soapbox to answer a question or make an outworldy suggestion about the upcoming change in power.

The next 4 years will have more mockery then the combined past 16 years of Obama and Bush 43, just that there’s gonna be a gross amount of defensive folks out there. I can’t spend the next 4 years poking fun at Donnie, it’s nearly impossible because if I did it just means I’m not paying attention or refusing too with a pinch of partisanship.

As with any presidency, there will be issues I will/will not agree with, however it’s the constituents that make matters worse on both sides of the aisle with their knee jerk reactionism that causes the Media to run to be the first to be on air to report only to research after the fact.

These boycotts are becoming more asinine the further we rush to finish 2016. For the life of me I still do not understand the brilliance of “Trump Cup.” The idea of showing up Starbucks CEO by paying for an expensive coffee at Starbucks only to have the barista shout “Trump” when your order is ready as a boycott/protest to they’re a Hillary supporter is as useful as a Pet Rock.
Then again I also think the “Mannequin” challenge is stupid but that’s just me.

Now we’ve already gone thru the whole “Hamilton cast was rude to VP-Elect Pence” argument, however that’s only because; 1. Donnie took to Twitter and skewed the facts 2. Media’s reporting of the event has many interpretations ass backwards.

Fact is, yes VP-Elect Pence was jeered by some in attendance at a Saturday afternoon viewing of Hamilton and yes the cast of Hamilton took it upon themselves to come out, address the situation in a genuine respectful manner. It was the latter that has the thin-skinned Donnie in an uproar by making false accusations and demanding an apology. I give Mikey credit, he acted 100% more adult (and with thicker skin) then Donnie who took to Social Media to give a tongue lashing to the Hamilton cast. Nope Mikey took it in stride and stated “that’s what freedom’s all about.”

What I do not understand is the notion of dropping a few hundred bucks to attend Hamilton to then feel you have the right to interrupt the show in as retaliation because you’re a Donnie supporter. Wouldn’t have been smarter as well as cheaper to stand outside and boo folks as they entered the theatre?

See that would be easy to do however it’s more flamboyant to make a spectacle amongst the crowd then be obscure outside.
All this boycott/protesting becomes meaningless after a few days and in no way does vandalism or violence help your voice. And when I say “vandalism/violence” I’m talking to those that incite such behavior in public or on Social Media. Graffiti of “swatzikas = Trump” on churches, buildings and playgrounds is more of an annoyance then persuasion.

Of course any discussion on a 2016 boycott/protest leads into Colin Kaepernick’s “take a knee” stance during the National Anthem. As much as I disagree with CK’s stance, I gotta admit it’s done in a respectful way in the realm of no violence/vandalism or the old go to of Old Glory flag burning. It also leaves me too laugh when I heard he’s not even registered to vote.

But how many out there stand up in respect to the National Anthem as a spectator? Pardon let me revise that question because I know many of you yelled “I always do dammit!” How many stand in respect to the National Anthem while being a spectator at home?

And I would gather the mood has changed as you ponder the thought and that about 7-10 DO NOT stand at home even though you are sitting in respectful silence. There’s no shame in respectfully sitting in silence in the comfort of your couch while holding your favorite cold beverage and waiting for the Buffalo Chicken Dip be served. It’s the “respectful silence” that should be the concentration of the action whether one seats, stands or kneels yet it’s too hard for many to comprehend that at home or stadium one should observe.

Meanwhile there are boycotts by NBA teams avoiding Trump Hotels and others swearing off wearing New Balance shoes or drinking a Pepsi too the “Alt-Right” crew forming their own “invitation only” social media sites because Twitter banned them. And still(!) no one really cares about the real true protest in North Dakota over an oil pipeline running through sacred American Indian tribal land.

But if people aren’t boycotting/protesting they’re complaining about that Melania and young Barron won’t be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave but are staying at the gold plated NYC home so he can continue his studies at a private school. Plus, the Liberals are now bitching that Donnie is using his personal cell phone to conduct business and forgetting Barry did the same in 2009 to the dismay of Conservatives.

It’s as if we’ve become a nation of tired toddlers at nap time crying for a blanky and stuffed animal to snuggle with. Scratch that, crabby toddlers are easier to deal with then whiny adults

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