Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What if anything did I learn over the Holiday weekend Part two

*Personal Note: My apologies as I thought I had posted this, yet apparently I forgot to hit the damn button*

OK so yesterday I ranted (yet never raved) about what I learned over the Holiday weekend concerning my family/friends views of the GOP’ers and Pres-elect Donnie. Now it’s only fair to do the same in concerns of the DEM and, well, um, apparently there were more excuses then acceptance and the best way to describe my observations can be summed up in one simple Ren & Stimpy meme.

Seriously, that’s all I got because I don’t know where to start.

Sure I can rant about the absurdity of Jill Stein’s “Mrs Irrelevant” post campaign antics of tugging on the hearts of all those who are still in disbelieve of a Donnie presidential term by bagging pots for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. And how the Media keeps labeling those that are supporting her whining as “DEM/Hillary followers” when in truth the money is coming from ALL that opposed Donnie, which are not all DEM believers.

OK sure Hillary’s campaign is sending lawyers to observe any recount, which shouldn’t be a shocker because any campaign should follow up. Yet I'm surprised that Donnie’s campaign isn’t getting involved to argue over any vote changes, I mean after all they have to do something with Chris Christie

The DEM’s are stuck in the mud and until they are able to give a boost to what little youth movement they have, well, the Old Guard is not going to help them very much by the mid-term elections in 2018.

Harry Reid’s departure from the Senate is a start and I’ll admit replacing him with Chuckie Schumer was a smart move even though it’s not a youthful move. But Chuckie has history of willingness to walk across the aisle to cut a deal and that’s what is needed; mover and shaker. But the Senate is not the issue for the DEM when it comes to Congressional population, the ills of the party lay within the House and the lack of anything resembling life.

Now with the next few hours the House DEM will make their way to a super secret ballot for Minority leadership and the botoxed tear ductless Nancy Pelosi believes she deserves the gig one more time. Without a doubt, even though she has one challenger, the minions will show no backbone and anoint her yet again. Of course not many can name DEM House members under the age of 40 and I’m sure there aren’t many but it’s time for they and any that might exist in State Legislatures to make smart calculated moves to grow and add well earned depth or simply watch the party become extinct.

Which all leads to the horrific rumor that Hillary is pondering a 2020 Presidential wobbly run! We just finished the 2016 election and people are shooting for 2020, but the thought of Hillary running for a three try means there is no hope within the party. No, it’s time for the Corey Booker’s, Kirsten Gillibrand's, Julian Castro’s, even a Brian Schatz or a Chris Murphy. Notice I did not list Lizzie Warren or Tim Kaine for a push.

Known of these works without someone stepping up, circumventing around the Party leadership and taking a healthy dose of humility and grovel in the public square of Media. Someone, within the next year truly needs to find a way to squeeze between the current paparazzi-style MSM and their affair with Donnie.

Nope, the Congressional DEM needs counseling because after yet another loss, they’re addiction to losing excuses is getting way to deep. I say this after I read an article that laid blame on former Daily Show host Jon Stewart for Donnie’s victory.

Without doubt people fall for hyperpartisan, fake and parody news. I used to enjoy posting a few parody articles on my Social Media pages just to see who wasn’t paying attention and the results were eye popping. People love the headline porn and usually don’t get passed the first two paragraphs. But to blame Jon Stewart for retiring as the cause for Donnie’s victory is really a special kind of stupid.

And that’s exactly the label the DEM has plastered across their collective foreheads; stupid.

That’s it, slap the tap on Woolyback brew and pay the political tab

Monday, November 28, 2016

What if anything did I learn over the Holiday weekend Part

The cavalcade of humanity that traveled this past Holiday weekend appears to have equaled that of folks wandering through the main lobby of Trump Tower/Mar-a-largo Resort looking for a job or to kiss the new “Don’s” ring and pay tribute since Nov 8.

OK that was a stretch but that’s what happens when you decide to watch “Good Fellas” after the election and listen to the Media jumping hoops to report on who is the latest in line for a Donnie gig. Just about everyone from Dr Carson to Timmy the Pizza Guy has been guesstimated for a plush seat and the victims, er I mean job-seekers are enjoying the attention.

The one thing that’s become apparent in Media the past few days has been the re-running of the same stories or a bunch of hypotheticals to fill the void as the country takes a break to overstuff themselves on Carbs and less on bullshit in dysfunctional holiday bliss.

Hell with the amount of attention Rudy G has received one would think he won the presidency. If one were to look at Donnie’s draft board, Rudy G has been picked to lead 5 different departments. Mel Kiper, Jr might want to do some play-by-play commentating and rethink his draft card because Rudy seems to be stuck in some sort of spokesman purgatory that should be driving Donnie’s staff mad at this point.

I understand Rudy’s leading the charge against Willard Romney receiving any type of Admin position, be it Sec/State to Melania’s travel guide, the vitriol from many insiders and supporters towards Willard is obscene. I laugh when I hear these folks claim Willard owes Donnie an apology, even though Donnie fired the first character shot at Willard. Yet, Willard is over-qualified for any position offered but offering him the Sec/State roster spot would give many detractors an acceptable feeling, much like many felt of Biden being the VP to the less experienced Obama.

Every candidate is going to be scrutinized ad nauseam by the Media, some digging deep with others using sleight of hand in disregard to any past discretion and it’s making many people become Xanax dependent of the reported dysfunction of the incoming admin.

Speaking of dysfunction, for about two weeks there were articles being posted about how to avoid political talk with your crazy Liberal Uncle Joe or overly zealous Millennial Conservative cousin Steve, so I gotta ask how’d that go for ya? Lord knows my family tried or attempted to try to lure me in but I was the victor in a sense.

Yes bets were placed on how long it would take me to stir the crazy in the family and bring all conversation to politics too which I did not open that box, but dammit once my Aunt sat down next to me and stated “Let’s talk about the election” I jumped with glee, pointing and shouting “It wasn’t me! It was her, all her!” Safe to say, the conversation never moved from there.

No I’m not saying politics was never spoken and yes I had roughly two or three conversations that the names “Obama” and “Donnie” popped up, but to be clear those talks lasted less than five minutes without verbal onslaught or raised finger of disapproval even though we are entering the era of what I’m labeling the “Liberty Valance Presidency”.

You’re heard the “Liberty Valance” reference before in many lights from Michelle Malkin to Robert Wuhl and by me, but to refresh; When legend becomes truth print the legend. In the case of Donnie it’s more like when fiction becomes fact, print the fiction, but you get the point.

Best recent examples are about the NFL letter, Kentucky Ford and Carrier manufacturing plants.

Now legend/fiction as told by Donnie has the NFL writing to him in agreement that the Presidential Election Committee (or whatever they claim to be) should reschedule their debates because they take place during a Sunday/Monday night football game and people wouldn’t pay attention to the debate.

Fact is no such letter or word was ever spoken to Donnie by anyone in the NFL and in truth the NFL ratings prior to Nov 8 have been very poor on Sunday/Monday night. However there are many that still believe this letter exists even though never displayed.

Number 2 legend/fiction as told by our soon to be leader has him exclaiming on social media that he saved the Kentucky Ford plant and countless jobs from being moved to Mexico.

Fact the Kentucky Ford plant was never set to close nor were there talks of job cuts. In fact what did happen was Ford announced they were removing the manufacturing line of the poor selling Lincoln MKC and adding another line of the higher selling Ford Escape.

Number 3 legend/fiction has Donnie, again, taking to social media telling all he is working diligently with Carrier of Indiana from moving their plant to Mexico, when in fact it’s actually Gov (and VP –elect) Pence who’s been clearing his desk and working on that deal.

But I’m sure the most hardened Conservative out there is keeping track of this to defend because normally I’m just shooting from the hip and speaking out of turn.

Next time we’ll talk about the flip and what we learned about those DEM’ers as well. That’s it, time to pay that political tab

Monday, November 21, 2016

I wanna start a boycott to boycott boycotts!

Over the past few weeks we’ve become an overly sensitive society in the disrespect that many are holding their collective breathe and stomping feet in protest/boycott of every freakin’ issue from a theatre jeer to twitter outburst to Moonpie minis. People are feeling the urge to pitch their bitch about celebs or corporations jumping on a political soapbox to answer a question or make an outworldy suggestion about the upcoming change in power.

The next 4 years will have more mockery then the combined past 16 years of Obama and Bush 43, just that there’s gonna be a gross amount of defensive folks out there. I can’t spend the next 4 years poking fun at Donnie, it’s nearly impossible because if I did it just means I’m not paying attention or refusing too with a pinch of partisanship.

As with any presidency, there will be issues I will/will not agree with, however it’s the constituents that make matters worse on both sides of the aisle with their knee jerk reactionism that causes the Media to run to be the first to be on air to report only to research after the fact.

These boycotts are becoming more asinine the further we rush to finish 2016. For the life of me I still do not understand the brilliance of “Trump Cup.” The idea of showing up Starbucks CEO by paying for an expensive coffee at Starbucks only to have the barista shout “Trump” when your order is ready as a boycott/protest to they’re a Hillary supporter is as useful as a Pet Rock.
Then again I also think the “Mannequin” challenge is stupid but that’s just me.

Now we’ve already gone thru the whole “Hamilton cast was rude to VP-Elect Pence” argument, however that’s only because; 1. Donnie took to Twitter and skewed the facts 2. Media’s reporting of the event has many interpretations ass backwards.

Fact is, yes VP-Elect Pence was jeered by some in attendance at a Saturday afternoon viewing of Hamilton and yes the cast of Hamilton took it upon themselves to come out, address the situation in a genuine respectful manner. It was the latter that has the thin-skinned Donnie in an uproar by making false accusations and demanding an apology. I give Mikey credit, he acted 100% more adult (and with thicker skin) then Donnie who took to Social Media to give a tongue lashing to the Hamilton cast. Nope Mikey took it in stride and stated “that’s what freedom’s all about.”

What I do not understand is the notion of dropping a few hundred bucks to attend Hamilton to then feel you have the right to interrupt the show in as retaliation because you’re a Donnie supporter. Wouldn’t have been smarter as well as cheaper to stand outside and boo folks as they entered the theatre?

See that would be easy to do however it’s more flamboyant to make a spectacle amongst the crowd then be obscure outside.
All this boycott/protesting becomes meaningless after a few days and in no way does vandalism or violence help your voice. And when I say “vandalism/violence” I’m talking to those that incite such behavior in public or on Social Media. Graffiti of “swatzikas = Trump” on churches, buildings and playgrounds is more of an annoyance then persuasion.

Of course any discussion on a 2016 boycott/protest leads into Colin Kaepernick’s “take a knee” stance during the National Anthem. As much as I disagree with CK’s stance, I gotta admit it’s done in a respectful way in the realm of no violence/vandalism or the old go to of Old Glory flag burning. It also leaves me too laugh when I heard he’s not even registered to vote.

But how many out there stand up in respect to the National Anthem as a spectator? Pardon let me revise that question because I know many of you yelled “I always do dammit!” How many stand in respect to the National Anthem while being a spectator at home?

And I would gather the mood has changed as you ponder the thought and that about 7-10 DO NOT stand at home even though you are sitting in respectful silence. There’s no shame in respectfully sitting in silence in the comfort of your couch while holding your favorite cold beverage and waiting for the Buffalo Chicken Dip be served. It’s the “respectful silence” that should be the concentration of the action whether one seats, stands or kneels yet it’s too hard for many to comprehend that at home or stadium one should observe.

Meanwhile there are boycotts by NBA teams avoiding Trump Hotels and others swearing off wearing New Balance shoes or drinking a Pepsi too the “Alt-Right” crew forming their own “invitation only” social media sites because Twitter banned them. And still(!) no one really cares about the real true protest in North Dakota over an oil pipeline running through sacred American Indian tribal land.

But if people aren’t boycotting/protesting they’re complaining about that Melania and young Barron won’t be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave but are staying at the gold plated NYC home so he can continue his studies at a private school. Plus, the Liberals are now bitching that Donnie is using his personal cell phone to conduct business and forgetting Barry did the same in 2009 to the dismay of Conservatives.

It’s as if we’ve become a nation of tired toddlers at nap time crying for a blanky and stuffed animal to snuggle with. Scratch that, crabby toddlers are easier to deal with then whiny adults

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Court of Social Media Opinion on Political Debates is always entertaining- TK

The one thing I love about being Politically Brewed is watching people converse their political feelings/beliefs and then show that follows. It’s normally a mixed bag of entertainment with agreement and minor disagreement. However it’s those that vehemently attempt to let someone know they’re wrong and why that turns into a sideshow. It’s the emotional equivalent of an adult talking down to a child or watching people fling poop with keyboard bravery.

Personally when someone jumps at me (admittedly I am an ass), I like to lead the conversation further. Normally the opposition is hyped up or drunk with emotion that they knee jerk their reaction by being provoked by the headline porn or the first paragraph of an article. Those people are way too much fun as they’re usually the first to hurl insult then claim to be the victim when others poke them in the eye.

I feel no need to label people but they sure do love labeling me. For some I’m too Liberal or not Liberal enough. Hell I’ve even been called a Bastard Conservative on occasion. I post articles on what I find newsworthy or interesting be it headline news or something on Page 13 and I blog on topics I feel need addressed by observation. However it’s up to you to decide how to digest the story.

For example I received this nugget the other day when I posted a story from The Hill concerning President-elect Donnie being asked his opinion about Same Sex Marriage to which he answered and I paraphrase “the SCOTUS ruling is the law and I’m fine with that.”

“Todd - I'll say it again... you are an ass. He will improve healthcare, get rid of criminal illegals first, secure borders, he never said he was reversing same sex marriage. Maybe you should go work for NBC or CBS. I thought his interview on 60 minutes was very good."

I love you too Aunt Kathy… (Note to self that's one less Christmas card to mail)

The kicker is I never said he was for/against Same Sex Marriage! He was asked a question and he answered. I made no personal reflection concerning his statement, however, like most articles I share I found this interesting as there are many in the LGBTQ community fearing a GOP controlled government will push to reverse SCOTUS ruling on the matter. Plus, the added fact is Donnie is the GOP victor to the Oval Office and he has the gold plated pen come Jan 20.

But when you win an election on vagueness, catchphrases and bumper sticker politics people are gonna question your every move. Yes your words can and will be used against you in the court of Social Media opinion and the sparring matches over President-elect Donnie will become colorful, senseless and divisive.

We’ve heard for months about Repealing and Replacing Obamacare, but within 48 hours after the election a new word was added by Donnie; Amend. Um, sorry the whole Repeal and Replace mantra was never defined with amending Obamacare. You repeal then replace as in “Gone. C-ya. No Mas” Yes GOP’ers had originally stated there were parts of Obamacare they liked but once the law passed, that was it, nevermore shall the law be.

Or how about “Build the Wall?” Yes the 1,989 mile solid brick and cement monstrosity that’ll cost double what Donnie had stated and will fall on taxpayers to pony up money for will now have sporadic chain link fence sections. Isn’t that the current problem along the Mexican border, areas that are “fenced” have holes or ladders or tunnels to circumvent their reasoned task? But hey, it’s a jobs builder program just can’t call it shovel ready.

We have no clue what will happen after Inauguration Day. Everything is speculative and being pulled out of the so-called experts collective rear. Just like Election Day polling.

But these are all chump change rambles compared to what could happen once he is sworn in. The only undeniable fact since Election Day is all these protests are gonna go away within the next week. Hey there are holidays to celebrate but after the holidays and Inauguration Day inches closer they’ll pick up but at the current capacity in my opinion.

That's it slap the tap, grab yourself a Wailin' Wench and pay your political tab.

Wait! What? No the beer you fool not a chick... Such perverts.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

"Why I am afraid to sit on my back porch"- G.D. Jakes

The one thing I've been wanting to do is take being Politically Brewed to a higher level. Some say go "all in" however that's not me. If I am going to build I'm gonna build it right. One of the building blocks is too find fresh voices in this politically driven society too which we live. Voices that are Left and Right, Hawkish and Dove, Religious and Atheist, and so on. In my mind, there is too much division caused by too many willing not to listen to others, yell the loudest and end up sinking further into the mud.

It wasn't too long ago that someone took a chance on me and my ramblings, be it the subject manner was professional wrestling, but just like political diehards, they are a finicky lot. As time wore on, I hit a groove, I found a niche and I excelled. I too am willing to take a chance on fresh ideals and beliefs in the stale world of political and societal narration that we've become accustomed too, with hope these voices grow as I believe they can.

I am pleased to post the first of these new voices with G.D. Jakes.

Why I am Afraid to Sit on My Back Porch

G.D. Jakes

I am afraid to sit on my back porch. When I say this to friends or family, there is a tone in their kind replies that is unique but not unfamiliar, an amalgamation of other tones. The top note is one of sympathy used for a child who is scared of the dark. The next interval is the slightly exasperated edge I have heard when explaining that as a gay person I have been denied the human rights that heterosexuals have not. The bass note is one that I, as a white male, am least familiar with – I imagine it is the tone that chauvinists use with women, a sort of condescending pitch which says I am ridiculous. I am not upset by this complex, wordless reaction; I am not angry at it, but I am afraid of it.

As to the porch and my newfound fear of it – it is post-election fear. The election dragged on and on, easily starting with decent force in mid-2015, with Trump announcing in June. Since then a hymn of hate has thrummed across the airways and digital landscape of the United States. Trump rallied a deplorable chorus that included the likes of the Ku Klux Klan and Traditionalist Youth Network, both white supremacist groups. He chose a running mate who is unabashedly anti-gay, fanned hate against Hispanics, Muslims, and gleefully called for the beating of African-Americans at his rallies. Like the Pied Piper, Trump’s song drew angry white men and women from every hamlet of the American countryside and like the rats they are the Alt-Right rose from the sewers of the internet to support him. In the end, millions of Americans voted to usher Trump in to office, just under half of all those who voted did so for Trump. I knew before this song that hate existed, I knew before this song that prejudice was real, what I did not know was how many men and women in this country believed in the racist white nationalist ideology that Trump ran and won on.

My home faces the street in the small Southern city my husband and I live in, and in the back a low fence runs along the edges of our thickly treed property, chicken wire, just enough to keep the dogs from wandering off over to our neighbors’ lawns. We have a nice little porch, with the broken terracotta tile floor indicative of the homes of the 60’s and 70’s in the area. We have a little propane fire pit that keeps us toasty when the temperature drops, but which always runs out of gas too soon. I enjoyed this little piece of heaven, especially in the summer. The problem is I cannot see who comes to the house if I am alone on the back porch. I am smart enough to know that after this election a culture of hate will explode in this country and I fear this culture of hate enough to need to see who approaches me, approaches my husband, approaches my home. Just three days after the election and Trump supporters have committed a litany of hate crimes. Writer Shaun King has diligently been reporting many of these, while the national media have picked up a few as well. As early as election night, Trump supporters allegedly beat a gay man in California bloody. Even as I write this, stories pour in from all over the country as people of color, LGTBQ citizens, and liberal minded individuals are denigrated, harassed, and threatened.

This is real, this is happening, and more than that it is the fruition of the implicit promise of the Trump campaign. I know, and we must all remember, that despite Trump’s new conciliatory tone and claims that he will defend the vulnerable, he will not. What Trump will do is to make America hate again, to foster a world wherein white nationalists and Christian fundamentalist can openly express the vitriol that underpins their beliefs. More dangerous than this though are the millions of people who will not openly express such vitriol, but who will sit passively by and allow it to happen. They will start by saying how awful it is that Trump supporters are committing such acts, they will claim not to support such violence, they will give sympathy to their non-white friends – but they will take no action. Eventually these same people will change slowly; instead of being “shocked” by the violence they will question why the black man or lesbian was “in that situation” to begin with, even if that situation was only walking down the street. We know this will happen because it has happened before. This is Germany 1933. This is Cambodia 1968.

So when I say I am afraid to sit on my back porch it is not just because I fear that some Republican with a gun, newly empowered to be openly hateful and violent, might sneak up and threaten me for being me, but also because I cannot trust my neighbors to do anything about it. And when I express this fear to my friends and family and their reply rings with that tone, I am more afraid. I am more afraid because I can tell they that they do not understand what is really happening, that their eyes are already turning away, that they are becoming the passive mob whose silence is a song for atrocity.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Buyers remorse: What happens if "First Day" promises are missed?

Over the past few days we’ve read about Donnie hanging out with Barry at the White House, how Hillary faltered, large groups of millennials looking for safe spaces to cry on campus and over speculation of government appointment will be granted to Sarah Palin. Oh please Oh please can it be a ambassadorship to the island of Bongo Tongo?

Media needs to speculate on everything now heading into a new administration, mainly to keep viewers tuning in and for their experts to keep earning a paycheck but with all the hype about draining the “Swamp” there is very little noise about Donnie’s transition team composing the lizards and snakes from that very “Swamp.” Yes K Street and many former status quo Reagan, Bush 41 & 43 are well represented along with the chap lips of Gov Chris Christie and Dr Ben Carson.

So it is status quo, just a rearrangement of positions.Really that doesn’t bother me as the “Swampees” are needed to get the wheels rolling on Pennsylvania Ave and one wouldn’t want a bunch of rookies tripping and stuttering trying to find their way to the nearest Starbucks.

Along with the “Swampee” speculating many on both sides of the Poli-talking heads have been polishing their magic 8 balls and churning out their “First 100 days!” predictions, because for some reason everyone believes those are the only days that set the agenda. Bullshit!

Why are we still comparing beginning of an administration to the barnstorming lawmaking of FDR in 1933?

Hell Donnie promised about 20+ things he’d do on Day #1 too which I won’t hold him too, but you know the Leftie Poli-talkers will be keeping score.

The (lack there) genius of Ann Coulter attempted a bit of humor by penning that Donnie’s first 100 days would consist of nothing but “Building the Wall.” It’s cute to Ms Coulter attempt humor, which she lacked a few months ago by not understanding what happens at a Comedy Central “Roast” and her being the butt of jokes. But the “Wall” that many are drooling about, well let’s just say that the GOP is cheapening the deal by looking at alternatives like a double chain link fence to help with any private land and waterway issue, plus that Border Patrol cannot see thru a typical brick and mortar wall. Graffiti artist are upset to lose that giant canvas
Many have made noise about the missing “Muslim ban” promise from Donnie’s website with those folks saying “he’s softening his tone” only to have the campaign calling it a “glitch” and it promptly reappeared.

Then there’s that Obamacare promise. Donnie has given hints for his plans to “repeal and replace” which I have no issue with as I was never for the idea of Obamacare, however I also believe an replacement plan should be on the Congressional calendar prying to hacking Obamacare away. Donnie had promised that on “Day 1” Obamacare would be gone.

Now he can with a stroke of his gold plated pen he can scribble higher tariffs on imported goods. Per Hal Shapiro, there’s a miniscule notation on the Trade Act of 1974 allows a president to slap retaliatory tariffs on those that violate trade agreements or use unfair trade practices. Funny thing about that is, I know people who have stated they don’t mind paying more for goods if imposed as if it were some patriotic theme in life.

Truly I am hoping for a successful presidency for Donnie even though I stated I have never ever been a fan of his. As I did with Billy, W43 and Barry, I know I will not agree with every issue and how can I? Yes, they all did something I agreed/disagreed with and I voiced my pleasure/displeasure yet it’s going to be 4 years of comparing and blaming past administrations by the drunkard DEM/GOP Loyalists.

So we shall see how Congress, better yet the Congressional GOP handles their adolescent president come Jan 20, 2017. Will they work for the will of the people or allow Sarah Palin to be Press Secretary?


Let's form a Protest March. Shut up and Suck it up Buttercup

For some odd reason, some 30+ hours after the US election I've got James Brown's “Living In America” playing in my head, but not for the uppity up feeling the song portrays but for the fact that America has not changed yet, in fact we’ve become dumber and not for the fact of electing Donnie as President.

Scratch that, not all have become dumber just the popular vote majority.

It’s very simple folks, it’s called Democracy not Thunderdome with “One man enter, One man leaves” rules. You vote = most votes win. You should be upset with the Democratic Party and not the GOP or Donnie.

Be upset with the Democrats putting on bets on Hillary and failing

Be upset with the Democrats for not having a strong enough roster to win back the Senate

Ok voice your opinion, hold a protest march in half dozen cities over the Election results, but what will it change? Donnie aint gonna relinquish his soon to be throne.

These illegal pop-up protest marches over the Election just need to stop because it’s obvious one cannot regulate their emotions. Yes they are illegal if they did not have a permit to do so but because police officers show up in riot gear doesn’t give one the outlandish right of throwing rocks or bottles at them. They are there to not only protect the protesters but to protect the public and property from stupidity.

I know, that's crazy to think America can change overnight after all it only took how many years for all forms of racism to end. Yet I can see why people fear a Donnie admin but is it warranted over spoken words. Yes his brashness helped propel him to victory and that brashness also caused a 700 point drop in the Stock Market, yet his tone has changed since being declared the victor which helped stabilize those that play the Stock Market game.

Yet the fear shouldn’t be directed at Donnie, but that of one party controlling government. As much as the GOP/Conservative whine about DEM/Liberals bending over to special interests, GOP’ers get bent more often especially in the realm of Christian Right.I don’t need to run on as to why the LBTGQ and Muslim groups have great reason to fear a GOP controlled government; all they have fought for may be tossed away by a simple floor vote in DC or are holding onto the thinnest of hope that the government will protect them.

So chant, kick, scream, pout and sniffle all you want just pull up your big boy/girl pants and suck it up buttercup because you may not have cast a vote for Donnie he is your President beginning on Jan 20, 2017 at 1200p.

And stop the “well in 2008 the GOP and others said that Obama ain’t their president” crap. It’s pathetically sad and my 10 year old can debate better then that over a can of Pringles


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

All Hail President Skrood.. Is the "Day After" within grasp

The "Day After" is almost fitting in that the weather is dreary and the township is putting up the Christmas lights along the business district on Main Street to help change the mood of many as we now float along into the lame duck political season. For some they are gloating for others they are counting the days to begin their strife of holding a GOP government accountable of every move of every day till the midterm election.

"Day After?" no not the abortive pill, I'm talking about the 80's TV Apocolypitc movie.

I accept the results of Election Day with a little confusion of trying to understand that the "Rust Belt" folks were buying into the Jobs promise or just ready to stick it to the elite. Honestly it's a mixed bag of both. We all want change but it may not to be the change we are looking for. Many didn't get it under 8 years of Obama nor George 43, yet the Loyalists stuck by their side and defended with every breath. Will that be true for Donnie?

I believe the Loyalists will dig their heals deeper in the mud of defense regardless of any result. That's how Loyalists are, no matter the malfunction the political defense is a spin game and oh! are we gonna get dizzy. Think about, seriously, DEMs defended Obama's work just as equal to that of GOP defendind George 43, it's just that each called the other crazy kool aid drinkers and their flocks fell in line.

The Electoral map shows it all when comparing 2012 to 2016, Hillary underperformed by an average of 10% to that of Obama in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Her campaign played the cards wrong, took those States for granted and the final results show it as so.

I will not gloat
I will not gloom
I shall not jump off the boat
of our possible doom

OK I always sucked at poetry and never really cared for Dr Seus, but the words are true. One should not gloat nor feel gloom the "Day After," one needs to hold onto to hope of a successful presidency. Hey even Limbaugh stated he never cared for Obama but hoped for a successful presidency for the country.

Although I find a little humor in that it would be fun to see a Rachel Maddow place a "Promise Broken Counter" on her show ala Sean Hannity of Obama's first 100 days. However, Maddow has 100% more professionalism at her desk than Hannity, then again I rarely watch her show, so someone keep me informed how that goes.

The one major obstacle that will help President Donnie be successful will be those he surrounds himself with. Will there be life for Dr Carson or Gov Christie come Jan 20. 2017?

In actuality I'm looking towards Congress for success and less gridlock, yet that all begins at the Speakers podium and whether/not we keep a Speaker Ryan or someone more fanatical steps in. I've always liked Speaker Ryan, he's a numbers guy and he knows how to work with opposition which many Loyalists do not want to see happen, only their vision is correct which is a closed door to the Dems.

So as we slow walk towards Jan 20, 2017 as well as the midterms elections, accountability regardless of results will be a stranglehold on the GOP and the voices of Conservative poli-talking heads better stay lubricated to help steer their vision.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I miss the idea of Kasich/Graham 2016....

Let’s take Donnie out of the equation and ask this question “would any of the other GOP Candidates far better against Hillary?” Of course there will be immediate knee jerk reaction bias response but seriously sit back and truly think about it.

To begin to even think about it, I have to list all the 16 candidates minus Donnie that were around for the first debate on August 6, 2015. So here we go

1. Jeb(!) Bush
2. Dr Ben Carson
3. Gov Chris Christie
4. Sen Ted Cruz
5. Carly Fiorina
6. Gov Gilmore
7. Sen Lindsey Graham
8. Gov Mike Huckabee
9. Gov Pyush Bobby Jindal
10. Gov John Kasich
11. Gov George Pataki
12. Sen Rand Paul
13. Gov Rick Perry
14. Sen Marco Rubio
15. Sen Rick Santorum
16. Gov Scott Walker

Just looking at that list, one can understand how the GOP ended up with Donnie. It’s a large list of has-beens and never was candidates. And I truly can’t remember Gov Gilmore in attendance as well but we’ll keep him

Automatically we can delete Gilmore, Perry, and Pataki because they never truly had a shot of going far, so they’d eliminated by the second debate. And as the debates rolled on, I can personally eliminate Huckabee and Santorum as their traction was based on the Christian Right fandom along with Jindal and Walker as they shot themselves in the foot out of the gates but stuck around more on ego.

What’s leave us: Jeb, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Carly, Graham, Kasich, Paul, and Rubio let’s say by Easter 2016. That’s a decent accomplished crew, minus the fact that Cruz, Rubio and Paul had yet to really do anything as freshman senators, but still they played well during debates.

Plus there’s no lie concerning Jeb’s bank account, the Tea Party love for Cruz and Paul would push them further to May. Soon the list would dwindle due to funds drying up or media attention starvation leaving Jeb, Cruz, Paul, Kasich and (I’ll say it) the Southern Belle Lindsey Graham.

Go ahead and laugh but as the primaries rolled on, Graham and Kasich were sitting damn good in the Media spotlight.

By the time the GOP convention rolled into Cleveland I truly believe the best two to debate Hillary would’ve been Graham and Kasich. Kasich appealed to many RINO’s and BLUE DOGS, yes those damn moderates, but Graham’s appeal, outside of his constant ISIS gloom, was his many years in office and his Southern likability

A Graham/Kasich or Kasich/Graham ticket would be far less flamboyantly juvenile then the current ticket of Trump/Pence (I miss the original TP 2016 icon) but is damn well more deserving then anything Jeb(!)/ ? would produce


I voted and didn't get a damn sticker

I voted and didn't get a damn sticker

Over the past few years I've enjoyed taking my son with me to the voting booth, this however was more intriquing because at age 10 he is more attentive to what is happening around him and being that he is on the Autism Spectrum is pretty damn cool. He reminded that his school in 2012 had picked Mitt Romney and this year they choose Donnie Trump (yeah he calls him that because of me) and proceeded to tell me how he feels about this election.

I'm not one to bloviate to whom I voted for, that's for me and I have to live with that choice for the next 4 years. But I will contest I have never in my years of voting never votes straight ticket and never will. The only issue today was ConJay's cheerleading with each choice I marked.

As ConJay and I walked into the local elementary school to vote I could see the anxiety in his face as we entered the hallway and his first response was "Where the bake sale dad? There's always a bake sale and campaign posters everywhere" Yes he was correct gone were the tables of parents and children selling bake goods in the hallway, lights were dimmed and the absence of any political posters made for a very subdued feeling as if we just walked into a dungeon.

I handed my voter registration card and driver license to one lady who acted in shock that I had both pieces of ID with me and as she scrolled through the index box looking for my info I scanned the room and counted a total of five poll workers doing their due diligence in being non-partisan while helping each voter. With a tug of my arm, I looked down and my son whispered "I hope 'so-so' loses." With a shake of my head, I told ConJay it's not polite to say such things (more for the reason I didn't want a verbal confrontation with any soul nearby).

Within seconds a poll female poll worker appeared on my left, learing over my shoulder as my card was pulled from the index box. "Here you are" she exclaimed and began scanning a binder to find my name, verifying the info and write the #111 next to my name. Every election I swear I'm always #111 in line to vote.

I laughed, with information in front of her, she misspelled my name and had to initial the corrections as she handed all my info to the gentleman beside her to verify as well.

Next came the walk with another poll worker to the booth who placed a cartridge in the machine and asked "do you need any help on how to operate the unit?" With a sigh I simply answered "I'm good, if I need help I'll ask thank you." Surprisingly the poll worker stood near as I scanned the room again and noticed one poll worker sitting in the corner who seemed as if he'd rather be carving a piece of wood then sitting staring at people.

So it began, and with each selective area from President to Senate to Attorney General to whether it should be mandatory for judges to retire by the age of 75, ConJay either asked about a selection, why that person had no opponent or simply pump his arm in approval of the selection. Again shaking my head, I had to remind him to be calm and collected so he wouldn't upset anyone. As I looked up, took a deep breath the nearby poll worker smiled at us in approval of respecting others around us.

As we verified our selections ConJay asked if he could pressed the big red "VOTE" button to complete. Of course I allowed him to do so and no one disapproved of the action, then again if they had I would've told them to mind their own selections.

As we walked out, ConJay made the bold statement of "Dad I guess they didn't sell any cookies because both candidates stink right?"


 Todd Morgan Kelly

Monday, November 7, 2016

Where’s the Nostradamus vision for Election Day freebies?!

It’s expected that the Media will be drowning viewers & listeners with the dreaded Exit Polls stats all day on Election Day, but maybe they should’ve paid attention to the Nostradamus Election 2016 prediction special on History Channel to save some cold hard cash for the day and instead let us know where all the cool freebies will be served.

Wait, does that mean someone who committed voter fraud could get double freebies? Scoundrels!

Honestly those freebies aren’t gonna make anyone feel any better after this debacle of an election cycle unless one is able to get a Bakers dozen on alcohol. But instead of stuffing our faces with freebies either with glee or gloom maybe we should be gambling on our next four years of Hillary or Donnie.

No not by holding your nose and closing your eyes in the voting booth, but by calling a bookie and trying to make some cash because you’re gonna need it come January 20 2017.

Hey wait that’s a Friday!!! Oh the bars will be making cash that day

According to the British site Betfair there has already been over $130 million wagered on the Nov 8th 2016 outcome (compared to the 2012 total of $50 million). This is also the same site that took in close to $160 million on the Brexit vote. Per CNBC, our European buddies are taking some enjoyment on placing wagers on Hillary & Donnie:

UK-based Betfair, internet betting exchange
Clinton - 83 percent
Trump - 18 percent

UK-based Ladbrokes, online betting platform
Clinton - 83 percent
Trump - 22 percent

Ireland's Paddy Power, bookmaker
Clinton - 83 percent
Trump - 18 percent

It sure does seem like the gamblers have an itch for Hillary, with some saying it’s a landslide. Other sites like, and a few others collectively have Hillary at 75% at gaining her entitled throne and Donnie sitting like a jester at 23.5%.

However if you want to run away on Nov 9th after the election results are final, the ZipCar freebie is only to get you to the polls, not Canada.


Are you ready for the vitriol of the Electoral College on Nov 9?

Just a few quick thoughts concerning Election Day results; what happens if Donnie wins the popular vote but not the Electoral College?

It’s a rather funny thought when the fact is both Hillary and Donnie are the most unpopular Major Party candidates in a lifetime, well my lifetime. So winning the popular vote could be considered not being picked last during recess dodge ball.

If this does happen, one could expect the cries of foul coming from the Right or just the Donnie supporters and we only have to look to Al Gore to see how the Right told the Left to shut up, stop whining and accept the results. The argument over the dysfunction of the Electoral College will be the larger headline on Wednesday Nov 9 without a doubt.

It’s not surprising that Hillary’s poll numbers dropped after Comey’s letter released a week ago stating a new batch of 650k emails were found on Huma and hubby Anthony’s laptops and how they might contain “something, possibly nothing” but we just wanted people to know just in case. As the Media had to mention this repeatedly for a week, was it a surprise that over the weekend Comey released the results of the latest investigation as “these aren’t the emails you’re looking for. Move along. Move along” A few hours after Comey’s latest announcement, the Media and the court of social media scoffed at Comey’s latest letter bomb with “How is it possible for the FBI to scan through 650k emails so quickly?”

Enter Ed Snowden, yes whistleblower Ed Snowden to answer the question. It’s an algorithm and if you can’t figure that out please unplug your Commodore 64.

If Hillary does lose, the Media will have a field trip debating FBI Comey’s “we got something/maybe nothing” storyline concerning the “not so new” Hillary emails as to whether it had any effect on the election outcome.

Regardless of which candidate wins, personally I don’t think I can handle four years of a “Cankles/Kackle” or “Infantile/Pestiferous” of either administration. Grant it, the growth of pro/anti social media memes will grow substantially and Congressional gridlock will resume just like the past 8 years.