Thursday, May 4, 2017

The “Wall” debate continues: A fence is a different type of wall

This is how dumb the “Border Wall” debate has become when Press Sec Spicer is arguing (with visual aid) that a fence can be considered a wall. There’s no doubt a fence or a wall is built to be a deterrent to help someone understand to “Stay Out” but wasn’t a “fence” part of the original argument in that is can be cut, scaled, crawled under?

Too think a solid wall could be built across the US/Mex is just crazy when you just put geography into the equation and yes a fence WILL be needed in certain areas, but mind you, Congress has allowed funding for fencing since 2006 with outrageous cost estimates attached.

However to spend a good portion of a daily presser to debate the Media on how a “wall” can be defined as grasping at straws especially when the brick/mortar notion that helped lead candidate Donnie to Election Day victory failed in the latest budget and will become a constant twitter reminder whenever an illegal immigrant is apprehended – PB/TK

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Argues That a Border Fence Can Also Be a Border Wall – By Graham Lanktree On 5/4/17

President Donald Trump will not build the 35 to 55-foot-high concrete wall on the U.S.-Mexico border that he promised Americans during his campaign but rather a 20-foot high steel fence, said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Wednesday.

Spicer argued with reporters that fencing should be considered a wall and is good enough to show the president is already delivering on his border security promises.

“What I’m telling anybody is that the president said he was going to build the wall and he’s doing it, and he’s using the best technology,” Spicer said during a White House press briefing where he showed reporters images of steel fences being built on 40 miles along the border.

“Are those photos of fences or walls?” one reporter asked. “There are various types of walls that can be built,” Spicer said. “This is a down payment on what the President is going to prioritize in the 2018 budget that starts October 1st.”

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Monday, April 24, 2017

I hate the whole ‘100 days’ notion

A POTUS serves 1460 days in a term, yet we focus on the first ‘100 days’ as a standard that will speak for how those remaining days will go… That’s bullsh*t.

The Media’s love affair of a POTUS’ first ‘100 days’ is nauseating but it’s really the candidate’s fault for their exhaustive reporting. No I’m not mocking POTUS Donnie’s first 100 days. No I didn’t mock POTUS Barry’s first 100 days. But pundits eyes are rolling in the spin of offense/defense for their favorite son.

Yep, think about how many candidates have made the claim of what they plan to accomplish in those ‘100 days’ and how many never hit the mark even with both Congressional Houses in your pocket.

Yes a POTUS can accomplishment many things in ‘100 days,’ big or small, but it’s those issues they pushed on the campaign trail that has a pundit’s focus. Hell, Hannity kept a ticker on his FOX show of “Promises Broken” for POTUS Barry’s first ‘100 days.’ Was it fair then? Is it fair now?

So who do we blame for this trend? Well we gotta go back to #32, Frankie Roosevelt because he is the originator of all this hoopla.

POTUS Frankie came in with a breathe of fresh during the Great Depression; people were orgasmic of a new face, new idea, a constant smile, and yes he pushed many plans in those with the backing of a Congress that would do anything. And right there is the reasoning of the media madness of a POTUS’s beginnings.

It’s like a new puppy; they make you happy when you are sad, they cheer you up and make you feel warm. And a new POTUS is just like that; new ideas, lots of (ass) kissing that makes people want to go out and buy/sell/trade that makes business owners have a new skip, but just like a new puppy, a new POTUS can shit on the rug one too many times that you become glum and want to rub their nose it.

OK that might be a bit extreme, but then again that’s what Media (sorry majority of people don’t get their news from Media any longer it’s all commentator and pundit driven).

Candidate Donnie’s promises of ‘yuge’ accomplishments that will happen in his first ‘100 days’ have u-turned as those countdown now that he is POTUS. Yeah everyone can dream, but when people put their hops in your dreams you better produce.

That’s not saying POTUS Donnie hasn’t produced, yes he has, some for the good/bad and that’s par for the course but does he have a handicap too which I’m talking about Congress?

You would think with Congress and POTUS sharing the Party logo they can do whatever their hearts desire, but some within the party refuse to give and too me that’s a good thing. We do not need good little boys and girls that fall in line because it’s the right thing to do. No, we need people that will question and work with opposition to get things accomplished; keeping a hardline stance only creates gridlock and we’ve had way too much of red light sitting.

I expect a POTUS to work with ALL Congress to accomplish task, to be a referee, to be an arbitrator, to wheel and deal, so if that person needs to flip-flop then so be it.

So take your first ‘100 days’ and shove it. Get to work, Get it done. Be the dealmaker you claim to be, ya got 1360 days left on the job

That’s it, poor a ‘yuge’ coffee kegger and get the day rollin’


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Where is the 'War on Easter'?

I was just thinking "why is there no 'War on Easter'" argument (or at last one I never heard of)?

There's always a 'War on Christmas' and, well not to be a d*ck, we're Americans we need to commercialize and profit from every holiday possible. Well except Sept 11.

Kids know more about the Easter Bunny and expect Easter baskets full of candy while searching for plastic eggs filled with... more candy! Nothing sounds more Easter-like than cannibalizing the ears off a Chocolate bunny, yet many Christians are silent, why?

Where is Bill O’Reilly leading the charge?

OK I’m not gonna go into the whole O’Reilly scandal, that’s for another day, but Billy is visiting the Vatican this week in celebration of Easter. But, nope, there are no protests in front of schools for not holding an Easter pageants like they would if the school had not for Christmas. No complaints about it being referred to Spring Break on the school calendar.

Hell even the Congressional calendar doesn’t even note the week off as Easter/Spring break but as “District work week.”

Nope everyone will be joyous and posting pics of little Timmy/Susie all dressed in pastels matching outfits on social media or planting tulips and mulching the yard after another dreary winter.

Yep, Easter just another gift giving, food fest, “Big Sale” weekend that lost it’s meaning

That’s it, slap the tap on some Osterbier and pay your political tab.

CHEERS! And Happy Easer from the Politically Brewed Crew

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weren’t we already done this pot-hole plagued road before?

I watched some of POTUS Donnie’s Trade Conference on CNN this afternoon and I can’t complain about his Infrastructure Initiative, I mean as long as it doesn’t falter as POTUS Barry’s “shovel ready” plan did. And when I say falter I’m talking about how poorly executed POTUS Barry’s project was even though in the end there were some results.

Hey $1 trillion bucks is YUGE! But can we, the taxpayers, afford to pony up more cash?

Yes all construction jobs are short term solutions when any type of government is involved, but what do we get as an investment?

Sure these projects put money in someone’s bank, puts food on the table and keeps the roof above one’s head, but in the end, it’s still a short term solution in helping a struggling economy as those paychecks being spent ain’t gonna equate to a $1 trillion payout.

I complained under POTUS Barry’s plan that patching potholes and duct taping bridges only goes so far and how, especially in the Northeastern US, we must put massive effort into rebuilding a wobbly electric grid and push towards fiber-optic networking. That and I’m a proponent of nuclear energy as well (Shush with coal is the future talk).
Yes I’m giving POTUS Donnie some props for his Infrastructure idea and of course his visual aides were fantastic.

Yes breaking down and cutting red tape makes sense, but there has got to be Government oversight of sorts because, well, I wanna make sure the cement wasn’t mixed with the consistency of silly puddy. And of course these short term jobs, whether it be a highway repave or a wind turbine and yes even building a wall, are employing American workers and those companies bending those rules are properly fined or contract cut.

Sound ok to you POTUS Donnie? Give me a shout and we can discuss this further than the “YES” folks surrounding you

Slap the political tap and enjoy that Ragin’ Bitch because life is about to get a bit more expensive

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

P*ssy punching Trump websites gets lawsuit

Oh come on man. Grow a set of balls and some thicker skin.

If POTUS Donnie thought people would throw roses at his feet and erect monuments in his likeness he really needs to check his ego at the door. The man who loves the spotlight but not any of the negatives gets a bit whiny when someone mocks him.

And people called POTUS Barry a diva.

For eight years, Liberals put up and laughed with all the Obama jokes, mocks, cartoons and negative imagery by Conservatives.. Wait scratch that because not all that disliked POTUS Barry were all Conservatives, some were just plain old full of hatred folks. And with that, not all POTUS Donnie haters are Liberals, but it's easy to label all as such even though there are quite a few GOP'ers not in his corner.

Yet there is a big diva difference between Barry and Donnie. Barry was able to give/take a mocking, not too mention hit himself as well. Yet Donnie, it's all image and image is his moneymaker or to use legal terms; intellectual property rights and he has everything from his name, likeness, hell even his hair copyrighted. So I'm not surprised that when a 17 year old San Francisco girl created a website that allows people to hit POTUS Donnie with kitten paws that he set to the lawyers to her doorstep demanding a "cease and desist" order.

Cheers for the p*ssy.. No not POTUS Donnie but for those on the website.

Yes the right of publicity, commonly known as personality rights, is in full action by POTUS Donnie's lawyers and anyone who uses it in the negative will get a knock on their door. Honestly, POTUS Donnie should call his ol' pal Gov Arnie about the move from private citizen to public servant when it comes to right of publicity.

Gov Arnie had a few right of publicity lawsuits as Cali Gov. The quickest to come to mind was the lawsuit against an Ohio bobblehead maker who designed a bobblehead in his likeness; suit, tie, bandoleer and machine gun. Gov Arnie sent the lawyers to control the situation and in the end both sides settled on two conditions; the bobblehead can stay sans machine gun and a portion of each sale goes to charity.

However, I don't see POTUS Donnie allowing anyone to profit positively/negatively off his likeness be it bobblehead or booklet. Come to think about it, Hillary has bigger balls then POTUS Donnie because I do not recall Hill or Bill suing anyone on right to publicity because if they did Dick Morris would be a very poor individual.


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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ra! Ra! Let's go team - Yes it was a (vaguely) great speech, now let's see what comes next

Ra! Ra! Let's go team - Yes it was a (vaguely) great speech, now let's see what comes next

When the bar was set so low for POTUS Donnie's first joint session speech before Congress and into our homes, an individual plus Media alike, has to admit it was pretty good. Hey, I listened with a lax of expectation but he did, what so many POTUS's prior have done, they controlled the pep rally.

The only thing missing was rally towels swirling from those in attendance with a fate cheer of "yes we can" in the background.

He started strong by knocking the increase in racism and anti-Semitism over the last few weeks and yet I'm surprised Liberal Media didn't take a page out of Conservative media by stating how long it took him to address the horrible racist killings in Kansas.

And then it turned into yet another vague, but heat warming, campaign stump speech with the continued regurgitated boasts of building walls, repealing/replacing Obamacare, cutting taxes but increasing spending and so on. Again as I stated, these speeches by POTUS Donnie and presidents past always lack the substance needed to keep skeptics at bay.

Yes job creation should be the #1 priority for any POTUS, but there are jobs in the US right now that are going unfilled, why? Because they are the low paying jobs no one wants, well except the illegal immigrants that are performing those duties as we speak, at least they have job security.

But my question on jobs is simple: As tech and automation ramps up, there will only be a small percentage of jobs available, how do we overcome the downfall? Sure one can say "well someone's gonna have to fix the machines." True but the 1 machine= 1 repair guy ratio doesn't quite work. "well someone's gotta program the machine" Yes but how often does one need to program/reprogram a machine? It ain't a daily gig.

Mike Rowe put out a FB post too which he is still working hard to bring vocational programs to schools as the need for those blue collar jobs dwindle and replacements are far from expectation. He attempted to work, or shall I say communicate with POTUS Barry during his terms and little movement happened. Rowe even went out with 2012 candidate Willard Romney in hopes people will catch on, maybe even get a few high school grads to head to VoTech school and still it seemed to stall.

Folks, the jobs are there, who wants to fill 'em is the problem.

But back to the POTUS/JS event...

As typical, these speeches last longer then they should thanks in part for to the "Applause" pause. What could be a 20 minute speech turns into 60 minutes. I'm telling ya, Congress must have buns of steel for the amount of squats they do to applaud. "Oh look he wiped his nose we must applaud and remind people to get a flu shot" Congress really needs the roller coaster safety bar across the aisles to keep people seated

Here's a question I have, when you say "American steel" are you talking US Steel or North American Steel, because there's difference in terminology. Yep North American Steel is that from Canada, US and Mexico, too which most of the Keystone/Dakota pipeline was already bought and transported to location a few years ago from..... Canada and Mexico. Do you really think Keystone is gonna ship those back for US Steel?

All in all, POTUS Donnie rehearsed well, stayed on course, and gave a few chuckles when off script, but he did what he needed to do, what all POTUS' do at this time of year, cheerlead the masses while giving as little substance as possible.

That's it, slap the tap and pay your political tab, we got some revenue to spend.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Yes folks there are false flags - But they should be taken serious until proven so

Yes folks there are false flags - But they should be taken serious until proven so

Come on Daily Beast, you’re really pushing the narrative that everything POTUS Donnie says needs to be slapped with some sort of racism sticker. You’re quick to act yet not really look into what was vaguely stated, in this case in concern of the recent rash of Jewish Community Center Bomb threats and cemetery vandalism and a link to Alt-Right’s numerical increase.

Here’s a suggestion, stop doing that! It’s just plain stupid.

The guy even stated today that he needs to communicate better however wasn’t that one of his attributes to so many; simplistic speech.

Look I’m not gonna be an ageist and make claims that POTUS Donnie says certain things because he grew up in a different era, it’s like saying the late PSU football coach Paterno didn’t contact the police about Assistant Coach Sandusky’s pedophilia was because his generation didn’t talk about that kinda stuff.
Different era equals different mindset. What seems obvious to one generation is blind to another.

But when POTUS Donnie stated “the bomb threats may have come from “the reverse” in order to “make others look bad,” well he has and makes a simplistic point. In the age of Social Media Justice, everyone/everything is punched as guilty even if evidence proves otherwise. Your mind is set thanks to multiple memes, partisan article posting by Aunt Sammie and there ain’t nothing gonna change it.

Absolutely any racist act, regardless of its nature must be investigated and yes, as POTUS Donnie vaguely stated, some turn out to be false alarms because some jackass thought it would be cute to copycat or play a prank.

Now just stop, don’t go hounding me about this, as I know one example can lead to three or four examples of the opposite.

That’s it, slap the political tap and pay your political tab while playing the POTUS Donnie drinking game. What is the “yuge” to drink ratio?

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