Monday, October 31, 2016

This election cycle is the "I'm Rubber You're Glue" tour of petulant little children

This election cycle is the "I'm Rubber You're Glue" tour of petulant little children on both sides of the political aisle, yet neither side can see thru their own bullshit to believe it's within their own party. We'd rather believe the other side of political thought are the true scoundrels when a story shows the hypocrisy one's automatic response is "that's a political plant, there's no such person....." or "that person was a member in name only"

No scratch that, as society as a whole.

So why am I saying this? Well truth hurts but obviously many are pain free when examples a re explained.

Someone captures video of a homeless lady taking a stand against vandalism by protecting Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star with people harassing, mocking and pushing her and all people think of is "Look at the hypocrisy of these liberals! They're only interested in certain forms of Freedom of speech." Here's the fun thing, how dos one know they are liberals, because as of Monday morning those that were mocking were now called "Never Trumpers" which last I checked was created and populated by many Republicans. But let's break it down further:

1. Aren't most Americans hypocrites when it comes to Freedom of Speech? Simple answer: YES.

2. The video demonstrates how low society has come that people would rather stand by and watch idiots humiliate this person then stand up and protect her from others.

3. There's no prestige about having a Hollywood star. Any celebrity, reality star, pseudo-celebrity can get a Hollywood Star, they just have to be nominated by someone/anyone and pay the $30K

Funny how politics circles overlap. But only side can be batshit

We are so consumed by fossil fuels that people wave their collective hand of the story about Native Americans trying to protect their sacred burial land (private land no less) from an oil pipeline in North Dakota, but excited that the Bundy Boys were cleared of any wrong doing when they caused a month long stand off by taking Malheur National Wildlife refuge by gunpoint with a bunch of their besties, one which died for not listening to police orders to stop when being apprehended.

1. I'm waiting for a pipeline to go thru a cemetery and see people freak out about how their family can't rest in peace. These Native Americans are protecting their land, their history, while doing so have been pepper sprayed and arrested.

2. The Bundy's committed a crime, period. They took over federal land and equipment at gunpoint, that's a federal crime. Yet now we get to worry about copycats lurking behind trees.

3. Moral of this story is simple, as long as capitalism prevails and the government looks like fools, it's a win..... for the moment

Just like any disruption we only agree with what we feel is right. A person or group history should not be a wall to capitalism yet I do recall people cheering Vera Cokking for fighting Donnie and Bob Guccione to Jersey State Supreme Court for their decades long attempts to buy and use eminent domain of her property.

But my fav story is that of James O'Keefe was able to get two high ranking members of the liberal group Democracy Partners to admit they were part of the problem, if not the reason, for the Donnie Chicago rally riots a few months back. Absolutely that is a deplorable action, yet there's more to the story.

1. Not only were Democracy Partners linked to the Chicago rally riots and one of them receiving a check from the Clinton campaign, they also had connections to Breitbart News. Yes the very same Breitbart News that has been a Donnie hotspot since he announced his intentions in 2015.

2. The link between Breitbart and DP is a simple one; collusion. Breitbart and DP worked together to help disrupt Donnie's primary opponents

3. Yes there is a third here, Project Veritas got paid $10 grand by the Trump Foundation a month prior to announcing his campaign. Can you guess who created Project Veritas? That's correct, James O'Keefe

Yet you don't care about parts 2 & 3 of the story, it's only the first part of the story that caught your eye and that's all the info needed in the 15 minutes of recess the mind allows. Funny how politics circles overlap. But only side can be batshit crazy and the other be pillars of the community.

The thing is I know many Liberals and Conservatives. I enjoy the company and conversation of both, however only one side takes greater offense to a story they object too, plus the lack of humor doesn't help. See Liberals can laugh when they are the joke and they don't circle wagons the way Conservatives do, basically what I'm saying is the term "Butt Hurt" describes Conservatives doubly.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Not a darn worth a difference between Boomers and Millenials

There is only so much a person can stomach when talking/reading/writing about Donnie and Hillary, eventually one needs to decompress especially in the mayhem that has turned into the 2016 campaign season. With that said, it leads me too three articles that have major cause for the mayhem in concerns of generations and the wave of misinformation one receives on the interweb.

We hear all the time how Millennial are screwing things up, we’ll get to that in a bit, however I’ve been saying for awhile now we should be blaming the Baby Boomers for today’s problems and WAPO’s Dana Milbank’s makes the point as too why?

Grant it that in Milbank’s 10/25 opinion page ( he is talking about the blame of the “Boomer Presidency” and how they created today’s debacle of Trump/Clinton. He just says it with eloquence then I.

Think about it.

They are the first coddled generation as their parents, considered the greatest generation lived through 2 Wars and the Great Depression. Their parents didn’t want their child to end up in factories, coal mines or mills. Their parents pushed them to go to college and aspire as the world grew too fast for them to keep up.

The Baby Boomers pushed for the majority of the very same social programs they are currently against. They didn’t care who paid for it they expected government to do it for free. Now (!) they realize it’s they who are paying for it and are looking for “Slash/Burn” tactics while blaming younger generations for the problems.

They believed in Freedom of whatever, be it Speech, Sex and Religion. Today many want youth to shut up, believe in only one religion and monogamy is the only way.

It was they who perfected the protest and oh boy did they protest about everything, sometimes peacefully and other times with a form of violence.

They are, well, they were today’s Millennial.

Which leads me to another article titled “Dumb American Youth” by Townhall's Walter E. Williams ( Williams, like his counterpart Milbank, draws his ire to a generation as a major obstacle we will have to endeavor for many years to come, so his choice was the youngest voter, the Millennial.

No doubt today’s Millennial like their Baby Boomer grandparents have been overly coddled by mom, dad, grammie and pappy. So can you blame them for being a group of deeply sensitive, ignorant know-it-all, conceited lot of people?

They are the product of a society created by the Baby Boomers but have pushed those beliefs near the cliff’s edge. One should understand why so many favored Bernie Sanders entitlement world it was bred into them by their family tree.

Both generations have way too much in common but are too dense to look in the mirror, especially when politics are involved. Or should I say how they get their political info?

There has been a mass exodus of sorts from the traditional Media by both Baby Boomers and Millennial as the MSM is considered either to Liberal, one-sighted or too limited on info due to some higher management policy one story lead. Due to that thought, it has led many to search the interwed for their info or the love affair of political partisan commentary.

We don’t have time to read the story, we need to have it spork-fed to us while we drive or sit a minuscule cubicle at the office. It has led to the inundation of hyperpartisan websites with their partisan talking points is leading to generations of misinformation. You can find hundreds of such just on a Facebook or Google search.

Of course why wouldn’t someone want to go to a site called “” or “” to find your partisan Conservative/Liberal view or if you do not have a candidate of choice and see “so-so” has more Facebooks followers you may be inclined to skip the rest and stick with that person. These sites are doing exactly what people hate MSM does; manipulate the facts to their own liking.

See hyperpartisan and MSM are equal to that of Baby Boomers and Millennial, they won’t admit it but they are all the same, one giant hot mess screwing things up for the rest of us.

People need to pay attention to the meat of the story; the facts! Honestly there is about a paragraph worth of difference between an article on FOX and CNN, but it’s who is telling the story that justifies the reader/viewer belief in the source. But if a partisan site is telling the story, well it’s gotta be straight to the core, right?

Bullshit! Everyone knows the cardinal media jingle “If it bleeds it leads” so why wouldn’t any partisan source actually throw a whole lot of yellow journalism into the mix to keep you coming back.

Now I’ve already broken my cardinal jingle of never writing more than a person can read during the average crap…

CHEERS! And wash your hands dammit

Thursday, October 20, 2016

How many have a debate hangover this morning?

How many have a debate hangover this morning? I only ask because I believe there was a lot of drinking around 'Murica last night during the final Presidential debate as it went from a calm demeanor to the regularly scheduled chaos we've come accustomed too as of late

I give FOX’s Chris Wallace huge kudos for being the example of how a moderator should be portrayed. Yes there were times when Hillary and Donnie went off the rails with interruptions or off topic and he did his best to rein them in, yet it was the substance of the questions that he did his expected best. However, as I’ve said during every debate, there is a real need for shock collars on candidates and kill switches on the microphones to help keep certain decorum of the individuals.

I'm truly thinking of starting a write-in campaign to the Presidential Debate Committee concerning debates as I have had better debates with my 10 year old about time limits on his Xbox 1! #killswitchoncandidatemicrophones

Everyone who watched has their favorite moment, but for some reason the “Nasty Girl” interruption as well as Donnie’s “non-committal” comment are making the rounds for those that Monday Morning QB the debates.

One, if Donnie could’ve called Hillary a “bitch” he would’ve but I don’t see the huge fuss over the statement another then it being another example of Donnie not knowing or being able to control his mouth.

Secondly, the “non-committal” over the election results should’ve been expected, so why the surprise? Other than it shows (again) how he and Mikey Pence are not on the same page because Mikey had stated earlier that “they” will accept the outcome.

Hillary or “Robo-Hillary/Hillary-bot” was her normal self. I’d say she had “Resting Bitch Face” but Botox doesn’t allow such expressions.

In the end, there is no way the 3rd debate helped the undecided voter make a decision! All the supporters or haters are gonna vote their will, the undecided’s will hold their collective breathe, raise their nose in the air and blindly make a choice while reciting a bible verse or something of encouragement!

One the topic of voter fraud that always makes the news weeks before Election Day, Fox News’ Chris Stiwalt stated it best with “Donnie is down by 8 points of the whole country was Chicago there's not enough voter fraud to make up that difference.” Now that doesn’t mean there will fraud, but it means that if going by the polling numbers, the amount needed would be impossible to happen. Yeah there’s fraud, Texas is currently going thru an investigation too which they are finding the “problem” is happening with write-in balloting where one person is witnessing multiple ballots when law states a person can only witness one ballot. Per the investigation the issue is deep at locations such as Nursing Homes where a nurse is witnessing multiple patient ballots. So why not pat for a Notary official to go to these locations and stamp each ballot?

I do have one question concerning the Election Day results; What are the chances of Donnie appearing on the following WWE Raw after Election Day as a thank you to Linda McMahon's $6 million contribution to his campaign and support PAC's if he wins?

In the end, I'm so proud to have two childish immature non-mannered moronic people running to want to represent the US

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

3rd Debate already a waste before it starts

Donnie tells Newsmax he plans on spending a large amount of Wednesday's debate defending sexual accusations and less about policy

NO! you don't have to spend any time defending yourself unless asked, simple answer and walk away. We've heard enough about it. I'm tired of all the childish bullshit this election cycle has brought and I ain't just talking about Donnie. We’ve gotten little substance on policy from both Hillary and Donnie because they are too busy dragging mud on the debate floor.

The Main Stream Media, the Partisan websites, the commentators, every single one of them are to blame in making this, quite possibly, the dirtiest nastiest elections since Andrew Jackson had to defend wife Rachel!

Donnie needs to get on track, finish strong and talk policy, and not waste time with playground antics like inviting Bill Clinton accusers or the Mrs Smith who lost her son at Benghazi. It makes him look more like PT Barnum then a serious candidate. Yet people applaud

What if Hillary invited all the Donnie accusers or all 3,500 contractors and Trump U participants who have a lawsuit against him to the next debate? People would scream “Cheap Clinton tactic” or worse.

Think about it, whichever gets the nomination come Nov 8, they will get very little down considering the GOP will still hold the House and possibly slip into victory to keep the Senate. GRIDLOCK! Hillary will get little done because the GOP will spend her entire term in committee arguing her emails. If Donnie wins, well he’s pissed off pretty much everyone in Congress that he’ll have little support plus he could be the first president busy defending himself due to all the current lawsuits against him.

Too many have cried how they cannot wait for this election to finally be over, but there will not be a collective sigh after Nov 8. Nope there will be much anger because the result will not be accepted and we will spend the next 4 years counting down the days with boiling hate.

Yep we deserved every ounce of pain this election has brought us, beginning to end


Monday, October 17, 2016

Everyone tries to answer the "What If" question about.......

I remember after 9/11, a conversation with my mom’s then husband too which he had asked the simple question “Where or how do you think it may happen again?” I simply replied “we’ll never know because it can happen anywhere by anyone?”

You’ve done it. You’ve tried to answer it because it’s human nature to always discuss the “what if” speculation after a major event.

The problem too many have is that they truly only believe in foreign terrorism and that anything considered domestic terrorism is just stereotyping some redneck Mid-Western looking individual driving an old pick truck or crew-cut individual wearing clothes they bought at the old Army/Navy store who talks tough and wants to play soldier in the woods with his buddies on the weekend gathered around a campfire. Yet everyone knows a terrorist always has a Middle Eastern appearance and works at 7- Eleven, right?

I bring this up because of two stories from over the weekend that received small amounts of news with lots of speculation as to who would commit such crimes. First there were the three individuals arrested for planning car bomb attacks for Nov 9 in a small Somali community in Liberal, Kansas.

Did you catch that date? Nov 9th is the day after this year’s Election Day, nice timing.

Now per the reports, the three individuals busted were part of some sort of militia called “The Crusaders” and that Liberal, Kansas is a small Christian faith Conservative community with Trump/Pence yard signs planted throughout. So you can see where people have begun their speculations and finger pointing, right? Yep, these individuals were some sort of “Christian” hate group, yet those interviewed around town pretty much say the same thing “those guys obviously don’t believe in God as we do… We help those in need, especially those in the Somali community.” OK, yes I’m paraphrasing the words, but you get the point.

But the connection between the “hateful Christian faithful” community and the planned attack on foreign community is a constant in our society for how long now?
From all I’ve read so far, these guys were a bunch of ignorant jackasses and true faith had nothing to do with it.

Then there’s the story of the North Carolina GOP headquarters that was firebombed on Sunday that had a few individuals blaming the DEM’s for the violent act, even though there is no indication as too who’s at fault.

Why the GOP HQ was chosen is still a huge question, but we’ve got to have a villain picked out immediately to throw stones at, and in this case, Donnie immediately called out the dirty DEM’s for committing the act. Why would he do so, well; 1. Donnie is losing by 4 points in North Carolina right now per the polls, 2. The area is heavily populated DEM registered community, 3. The individuals spray painted “GOP” and “NAZI” on the side of building. So add it all up and “BOOM” it clearly adds up.

Problem being the investigation just started and there’s no evidence reported to media yet. But we need a villain and Donnie spouted it out, the Alt Right media jumped on board and now the misinformation is now fact until the authorities tell us otherwise.
Whoever did commit this crime, I hope they are apprehended soon. Also kudos to the DEM for setting up a “gofundme” to help the GOP HQ get back in business, although some will wave that off as some sort of cover up.

Why am I ranting about all this? Because it’s all Domestic terrorism that people will not believe in.

Yes these are also random events that have no connections that we know of, but that’s what “speculation” is all about.
There is more to my response to the question “Where or how do you think it may happen again?”

As I replies “we’ll never know because it can happen anywhere by anyone?” and time has rolled on, authorities from local to federal have taken major precautions to large gathering events such as Inauguration day, Super Bowl and World Series. But those are specific giant events that bring lots of attention in person or on TV. And yes we’ve seen what can happen at smaller events such as the Boston Marathon bombing, which had many people displaced along the marathon route.

But what about a major event that has major implications for over 300+ million individuals that authorities cannot patrol all at one time, like Election Day?
Think about it. Election Day is an all day nationwide event that begins around 700a Eastern and ends around 1000p Pacific. OK I excluded Alaska and Hawaii time zone, yet the point is, voting happens everywhere; church basements, school gyms, community centers, post offices and even (depending on the town) someone’s living room.
What could stop someone from committing a heinous act in any of these places while they are open 12 hours of the day?

Simple answer: NOTHING

Don’t give me the answer “A good guy with a gun…” either

With all the hatred out there in our society, not over there in another land, right here in the US, there are more people here who want to cause more harm to us than those guys over there. And with all the disgust happening in this Election cycle, it wouldn’t surprise me if we hear more and more about “events” happening all the way to Inauguration Day.
I know somewhere someone is reading this thinking “what kind of f*ck up mind does this guy have?” Grant it, yes I think of some f’d up things sometimes, some for laughs some out of simple observation, yet the point is simple that people need to open their eyes and stop stereotyping everything.

People aren’t wearing little stickers that say “Good Guy” on them, no they carry badges and they’ve sworn to protect citizens at all costs.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A huge keyboard bravery congrats to all those who wrote, types and dialed Cornell High School to complain about being part of a national fad... Taking a knee

So to recap what i'm blabbering about; at a recent football, the quasi-intelligent Cornell HS cheer squad decided to join the national fad of taking a knee during the National Anthem with a VFW Color Guard present.

OK, I'm not thrilled with the concept of taking a knee during the national anthem by anyone. Yes one cannot like the decision either, but ya gotta agree at least it's a peaceful protest even though some do not understand the reasoning for it. Kinda like the ice bucket challenge a few years back.

But for those who were offended, outside those that were in attendance such as the VFW Color Guard, to have the whimsical idea of calling the school district and issues threats towards the school is simply pathetic. What have you done with your outrage? Well for one the local police have double security of school grounds plus the neighborhood surrounding the school to go along with the school having to cancel homecoming just in case some genius decides to take action.

Yes threats of violence is always makes one feel patriotic, especially against training bras and a pimply faced student cheer section.

So taking a knee has been going on for over a month now thanks to San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick's first move to start a national conversation. Oh he started a national conversation, scratch that, started a national feud that has put money in his and the NFL's pocket in jersey sales. Honestly if you're gonna buy his jersey to burn, is it worth $100 or more to do so? You're just giving your money to him anyway

There's nothing wrong to protest, it's become a tradition to protest anything since the early 60's.

Protest for Equal Rights for women, one would just burn a bra.

Want to strike fear into the minds of minorities or Catholics or military rivals, do as the Scotts used to due and set a Cross ablaze.

However, standing for the National Anthem at any event is a stance of honor. Unless you're in your living room watching, because I would gather that 0.0001% stand for the Anthem at home.


“it doesn’t matter” whether the women are “liars” or not because the conversation about sexual abuse distracts from “the real issues" - Dr. Ben Carson 10/14/16 Morning Joe

Yes Dr Carson you are correct, there are way too many distractions this election cycle and we can only blame the candidates for that problem. Hell yeah, I want policy talk not bedroom talk. I want to hear about foreign policy and not emails or hot mic moments, but the problem is Media and the absent minded voter only want to hear soundbites for the emotional response at the polls.

Yes Hillary is too blame for her 4 decades of cold-hearted bitch characterization.

Yes Donnie is too blame for his 4 decades of arrogant rich dick characterization.

Both are the perfect villain for the American electorate to loathe but love just enough to vote to cancel the other out.

We deserve this and we accept this. Well acceptance only when it's not your nominee.

It's becoming almost impossible to keep track of all the mud being thrown by Hillary/Donnie and the surrogates. For crying out loud, Hillary has the Big "O" out there, flying around on Air Force 1 trying to bring her good fortune but all he can talk about is Donnie's downfalls. STFU, tell me Hillary's policies and how much they'll equal a possible third term.

Donnie's surrogates ain't much better, especially with Newtie Gingrich out there making statements like "“The little Trump is frankly pathetic. I mean, he’s mad over not getting a phone call" on Fox's Business Channel. Apparently Donnie was whining like a little boy because he didn't a congrats phone call from Speaker Ryan after last Sunday's debate and it's embarrassing to Newt to see Donnie act like that.

It's kinda funny to hear this from Newtie who in 1995 tossed a fit on Air Force 1 because he was escorted from the rear of the plane after landing in DC with everyone else while President Billy Clinton emerged to the lights of Media.

Hillary/Donnie surrogates need to follow their own advised, get back on message and get the candidates on message as well.

I still have hopes that during the final debate, both Hillary/Donnie will ignore non-policy questions and use their "thought bubbles" instead


Thursday, October 13, 2016

There's a reason why it's called "October Surprise"... you just hate it when it happens to your candidate. To me the dreaded "October Surprise" is more of an illusion nowadays because Media builds it up and then it falls with a thud.

Look at Julian Assange Wikileaks much bragged about Clinton email surprise, there's really nothing in there to cause chaos. OK, so some Clinton aide make a crack about the Religious Right

Grant it, the whole Donnie "P*ssygate" is consuming the vast majority of ALL media, but who wouldn't want to report on a juicy story like that. Yes yell at NBC for holding the tapes till now. But it's not the tapes that are causing a Donnie downward spiral, that was already in motion weeks prior because he just doesn't know how to keep quiet.

Truthfully, the real annoyance are all these damn poli-ads running constantly all damn day, yet they are Oscar nomination worthy.

I'm for an entire ban on TV poli-ads... let's be British an regulate the election cycle for society's sanity. OK not a complete ban on TV poli-ads, but how regulate them to certain times of the day and on certain channels. Would that be fair?

How about play them between 12p-2p, during the afternoon soap operas, just don't confuse Victor Newman for Donnie. Hey come to think about it, the two kinda resemble the other with billionaire lifestyles, hiring of private investigators to spy on competition, multi wives, womanizing, control freaks, abrasive behaviors.... Has anyone ever seen these two guys together? What would Donnie look like with a mustache?

So we got the afternoon covered for poli-ad viewing now comes the evening, however that's simple to cover; they can only be played on News channels and QVC.

Why QVC? Well you might be able to buy all your survival gear at one time for the "End of Times" we keep hearing about if Hillary or Donnie get elected.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The GOP is dying (again)! Remember how we were told of the GOP lost the Presidential election in 2012 it would be the end of the Party? Well the predictions are back just 4 weeks out and everyone is pointing fingers at one another for the downward spiral.

OK, it sounds rather dramatic, but for the past 14 months that’s what the GOP has given us, drama. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes gut wrenching, but always enjoyed by ALL MEDIA and the ratings prove it.

Here we stand, four long weeks away from Election Day and the October surprise was against Donnie not Hillary. Wait it wasn’t supposed to be this way, well at least that’s what Wikileaks kept telling.

Who’da thunk the much anticipated Wikileaks release would be such a dud and it would take an 8 year old Entertainment report to stir the pot.

This was the GOP’s to win. This was theirs after 8 years of Obama. Such promise until the candidates began to battle.

OK, I can’t relive the 2016 primary fracas, it’s nauseating, but it’s the GOP’s own fault for not believing in Donnie.

Hell I admit, I figured he would’ve dropped out by November 2015 due to all the Media attacks against his thin skinned. But dammit, he did everything but cheat to get where he is and the amount of GOP endorsement he has received is about less than zero. OK maybe not zero, but out of all the GOP Gov’s, Congressional Senate and Representatives, he may have picked up 1/3 of the total.

Remember there is a difference between Political support and Political endorsement. You can always freely walk away from supporting, because endorsing means you own it.
Yes Donnie was corrected in tweeting that at least the DEMs know loyalty to their members because since last Friday those that have supported and endorsed him have been dropping at light speed.

Hell John (McGrumpy) McCain, who had every legit reason not to endorse Donnie for past remarks, came out and stated he might just write in his buddy “Southern Belle” Lindsey Graham’s name instead of voting for Donnie.

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting stat come Election night; tally up the write in votes and release their names. There’s no doubt the dissatisfaction of the 2016 candidates is an all time high, so it’s a race to see who’s the less likeable. No wait, who’s the more likeable of the unlikeable percentage to claim victory. No wait… Screw it!

You’ve heard so often, out of 319 million people this is the best there was to offer; Hillary and Donnie, two of the most unpopular candidates in history.

Stand up and take a bow America, you’ve just paved the path to Honey Boo Boo vs. North West 2044!!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Did anyone truly change their support after Hillary/Donnie debate #2?

Did anyone truly change their support after Hillary/Donnie debate #2?

Wait let me answer that for ya….. NO! Because the fact is no matter what happens many will vote Hillary/ many will vote Donnie and many will vote for one just because they hate the other candidate more. Which leaves us in the hands of the true undecideds; the ones that are going to close their eyes hold their noses and sweating from anxiety till they hit a button.

I will give kudos to Trump Campaign head Kelly Conway for skipping out on all the Sunday morning talk shows to continue debate prep with Donnie. He came out a little erratic but regained his composure and stuck to the game plan of hammering home three things; Emails, Billy’s infidelities, and Hillary’s “untruthiness.”

I think in total he gave 3 actual policy answers; Obamacare, tax cuts and … and… Obamacare, Tax cuts, and dammit I know there was a third. In all it didn’t matter id he said anything else as he told Anderson Cooper he was going to answer how he feels after Cooper repeated a question he never truly answered.

Actually both Hillary and Donnie skipped on complete answers, yet Social Media was more interested on “The Fly” and Donnie’s “Gorilla overshadowing.” Lord knows I was more worried about the return of the “sniff” which was attributed in the first debate as a faulty mic.

We can skip over the prior PR stunt with the Clinton accusers because, well if people believe we shouldn’t be concerned with something Donnie did 10 years ago (which was normally followed with ‘as a democrat’) then we can overlook Billy’s actions. However, both are completely in the wrong and if I want some vulgar womanizer representing the US on the World Stage, well bring back Andrew Dice Clay’s 90’s routine.

Well let’s see, we’ve skipped the womanizing, lack of policy talk, what was left to complain about?
Oh yeah, those nagging interruptions.

I laughed when I read Sean Spicer’s tweet “As of 9:50, moderators have interrupted Trump 14 times, Clinton just 3 times” If you were really paying attention 12 of the 14 times Donnie was interrupted by the moderators to get him back on track, to answer the question asked or tell him to stop interrupting Hillary. By the end the RNC released the total Donnie interruption count at around 26, with Hillary halving the number.

So I’ll continue the broken record response of “CUT THE F’ING MICS” until called upon.

I want policy talk, tell me more on policy and less than zero on what he/she wrote on the bathroom wall while taking piss in the 10th grade. But that’s impossible as voters are more likely to vote on emotion, gaffe, or sound bite and not on policy.

There are people voting nowadays regardless if they agree 75% on the oppositions policy because they have an “anyone but so-so” mentality which leaves us as to why we a choice between Hillary/Donnie or not wanting to vote at all in 2016.

People go vote regardless! You can skip the Presidential part and still vote for Local, State and other Federal candidates.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

please enjoy the tale of “Zombie Donald Trump” by ConJay

Political science, hell life in general, has proved how parents can influence a child’s mind especially when it comes to politics/current events. In my house, however, it only proofs we have way too many electronics on at any given after reading a school project written by my son, "ConJay."

The imagination of a child is a wonderful thing and my son amazes me every day, especially when it comes to storytelling. So when I was checking out his latest stack of school work and I saw a cover that stated “this is not school appropriate” I smacked my head and pulled out the paperwork in a completely hazardous fashion, as is it was going to explode upon touch.

As a side note to this story, my son has Aspberger’s and we were once told by his Pre-K teacher he has no imagination or creativity and how it may affect him later in life.

So as I read the fictional short story of current events by young ConJay, my eyes began to tear and chuckled immediately. I glossed over the spelling & punctuation corrections as I know some of those are caused by the wonderful interweb sites and memes we as adults so enjoy, yet apparently the teacher lacks a sense of humor. For example "doges" is a meme character that is a dog as well has "Justin Beaver" whom of course if reference for Justin Beiber.

I must share this because well it’s damn funny (yes I’m biased), plus shows how current events and how we influence those around us.
Now please enjoy the tale of “Zombie Donald Trump”

Role reversal!! Funny people complaining about something Donnie said/did 10-15-20 years ago and those that are defending him could equate 1992-today about Billy Clinton. If Clinton was inappropriate and not the man to represent US for his actions, why is Donnie ok today? Or let's flip the supporter role, if Billy was ok then why is Donnie bad today

Seriously think about it.

I'm not defending either individual for their past faults, we all have them in one form or another. I'm seeing a lot of hypocrisy, scratch that i see tons/loads/avalanche of hypocrisy by so many political talking heads and supporters of both sides of the aisle on the subject of Billie's zipper and Donnie's mouth.

The childish comeback of "well 'so-so' did it, then so can i" holds zero water, so when you're called out on being a hypocrite, suck it up and put on your big boy/girl pants.

Yes Billie screwed around and many fault Hillary for sticking with him, but haven't there been many political spouses that around regardless of their moralistic path? Simple answer is yes, yet most have been on the Right side of the aisle.

As I said the other day, Donnie needs to STFU(!) and stick with policy talk. However that will never happen becomes he loves the attention, loves the spotlight, loves being the talk of the town, loves being "that guy." And he will never be silent, which is his biggest flaw.

We don't know what we will get with a Donnie presidency, it's all hypothetical and guesstimation by all. But the same was said about Billy 20 some odd years ago and I know many people on both sides of the political coin who would've enjoyed a third Billy term as he was able to work with Congress, things got done, checking accounts were happy, stock market rolled uphill and we still survived.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Who knew that since 2008, Sen John McCain was one of the original birthers?

Well that's what we're led to believe in The Daily Beast article by Yashar Ali (linked below) which he is led to believe by the Trump Organization's biography of its founder, Donald Trump.

Can we stop with the birther crap please, I beg of you, stop!!!!!

The Big "O" ain't running for a third term and a Hillary first term won't equate to one either so basically Obama is a known factor. Well only in the mindset that you're tired of 8 years of Democratic executive action or lack there of.

The regurgitated birther argument does nothing in this election cycle, it holds zero water. We need to be focusing on policy and not that Donnie runs around like real life version of Victor Newman and hiring private eyes and security teams to scour the world for proof of Obama's birth, regardless that was in the State of Hawaii.

Yet the latest chapter of birthering claims that McCain and Hillary are the original birthers because "they failed to never question Obama's on his birth certificate."


The logic of this claim is mind-numbing. So my guess is that McCain and Hillary planted the birther seed but never got their hands dirty, so it took someone with guts and patriotism like Donnie to go forth and find the truth.

Um people we do know that Donnie is fanatical about having his name in headlines 24/7 and will say & do anything to be there.

Call it a falsehood, Pinocchio, or how about just plain old bullshit, regardless with a about a month to go Donnie needs to shut up/nut up and talk about policy, not anything that pops up in 'lil Donnie's head.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Colorado mom took her disabled child to a Trump rally..... Please there are no jokes here, but her story shows how some supporters are giving merit to the stereotyping of the ignorant Donnie supporter. This story has yet to go into the MSM reporting, but has been reported on a local level and even made the smaller partisan interweb sites. If it were not reported on a local level, I would've waved my hand to it.

As the story goes, Ms Mau is the mother of a disabled child and an undecided voter. She is not supporting either Hillary or Donnie, but wanted to attend a Donnie rally to experience for herself and not live by the soundbites so many thrive by. So with daughter in tow she made her way to local rally.

While sitting in a section for those that are disabled for 20 minutes, she felt she had heard enough and decided to leave, not causing a commotion on her exit until she was asked why she was leaving by another attendee in her section. Struck by such a question she promptly answered "why are you here, he makes fun of people like you" And that's where the story makes its dramatic turn.

As Ms Mau was led away by Secret Service, wait why Secret Service and not Event Security, she was followed by two groups; those that were in the same thought as her and those too heckle her as she trotted off. As Ms Mau states "She was screaming and yelling at me, saying that if I loved my daughter I would vote for Trump and I need to get educated because he didn't mock somebody on purpose."

OK stop right there, on purpose or not, mocking anyone with a disability is completely wrong and a groveling plea of forgiveness just ain't enough in my book. As a father of a child on the Autism Spectrum and for many years prior, I truly hate when people use the term "retarded" in any use. So I guess Sarah Palin and I have something in common, except she gives the ok for certain parties to use the term, such as Rush Limbaugh.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, it's these type of people that pigeon hole ALL. Not all Donnie supporters are "deplorable" to steal a line from Hillary. There are many that are upstanding individuals and I refuse to throw everyone into one basket. The same goes for Hillary supporters as well. Yet it's easier to make a point to lump everyone together that is completely in the wrong.

For Ms Mau's experience, I hope she doesn't lump all as one and is able to segregate the idiots from the rest.

It seems several times a year, especially when we near Christmas time, there's a story of an irate parent foaming at the mouth about 'lil Timmy or Susie learning about religions other than just Christianity in their Social Studies class. Let me correct myself, it's only one religion, Islam, that has these parents wagging their finger and running to the nearest news crew.


We never hear from about a Jewish parent upset of their child learning about Islam, why is that?

So the latest bitch and moan comes out of Kingsport, Tennessee where a mother declared the teaching of Islam in her 7th grade daughter's Social Studies class was a violation of her religious belief. This leads me to question Mommie Dearest by asking had the other religions taught not done the same as well?

Religion of any sort has shaped regions and caused major wars throughout World History. Why shouldn't children learn this, after all, too many Christianity helped shape the early US beginnings.

Are parents truly concerned that their child will become sympathetic or decide to convert to Islam after a few hours in the classroom? Well dammit, you better petition to stop American History classes from teaching of Salem, Mass or some kid might become sympathetic to witches and decide to turn to Wicca.

Look I get it, Islam is a horrible deplorable vicious religion or so we're told in Social Media and certain Talking heads. It's a hated religion by many. But maybe it's those that pervert the religion that should be hated and not the religion, especially if you personally are not properly educated about it. Because you cannot honestly tell me no one has ever perverted the Christian religion in their own disturbed way and caused harmed towards others.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

So if two things are guaranteed; death and taxes, and Donnie was able to cheat taxes can he cheat death?

Ok I know he didn't cheat on his taxes but was able to use existing tax laws and loopholes to his advantage. Anyone would, hell I know people who bicker at work trying to figure out more deductions and such.

But I'm still surprised that 4 days later I have not heard whispers of Flat/ Fair tax reasoning as a better alternative since Congress can never agree on tax reform and fight on loopholes.

I give Pence kudos... He acted more presidential then his running mate.. He knew how to absorb attacks, dust off and go back into the chaos.. He also showed how to calmly lay some smack down without looking like a pompous ass..

I hope Kelly Anne Conway and Co took notes for Donnie for Sunday night town hall style debate