Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Far Right Wing Paradox: There's Nothing Noble About Being Part Of It

Everyone can agree terrorism is the great unknown nowadays for the world to fear more for the fact that no one knows who, where and/or when an attack could happen. But here in the Good ‘ol US of A, there’s been a massive growth in homegrown terrorism (or is that a growth in homegrown terrorism acceptance) that should be feared more than international terrorism.

"Look at the hate we’re breeding, look at the fear we’re feeding, look at the lives we’re leading, the way we’ve always done before…"
Gun n’ Roses/Civil War/ Use Your Illusion II

Pretty striking lyrics from a song that’s over 25 years old yet fits perfectly in today’s society especially when looking back over the past few years. Regardless it’s an alarming trend that needs to be squashed before it destroys us from within.

A few months ago, the Southern Law Poverty Center released a report that noted “The number of hate groups on the radical right has nearly doubled in the past 16 years, from 457 in 1999 to 892 in 2015: antigovernment militiamen, white supremacists, aggressive abortion foes, domestic Islamist radicals, neo-Nazis, black separatists, and lovers of the Confederate battle flag make up just a portion of the list of Hate groups.”

I’ll wait a few seconds and let you re-read that last paragraph again. 4…3…2…1

Did you see it?

Yes folks, believe it or not both domestic Islamist radicals and white supremacists/Neo-Nazis are equals in the radical right movement. When I say “equal” I’m referring to the definition of a hate group; an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, nation, religion, gender and/or gender identity, sexual orientation and any other designated sector of society.

That’s a pretty clear description that bundles these groups as one giant dysfunctional family of hate. People need educated too look further into these groups and not just fixate on appearance or their abstract belief in religion to realize they are more equal then explained by the media talking heads.

Hate is hate. It’s bred. It’s taught. ‘Nuff said.

To be fair, if you do not know the definition of Left Wing terrorism is “terroristic action that wants to overthrow capitalist system with socialist society.” Kind of simple don’t you think?

However today’s microcosm of the growing acceptance of domestic terrorism that centers mostly on antigovernment and anti abortion violence gets overshadowed when it comes to anything noted with the portrayal of “Muslim” or “Islamist” in its title. Thank you media for centering on ratings and keeping one form of hate up front and center over another!
Before I go further, I am not attacking one religion or another, everyone has an interpretation of their respected religious writings or they just follow what they are told to the extreme level. I know many religious people of different faiths and they all have their own understanding of that belief. Some are good people and some are assholes who believe they are right no matter what.

OK with that said I ain’t gonna backtrack and review the San Bernardino shooters or other Islamic motives as we already know they were radicalized under some perverted ideology of their religion and those actions are not accepted. NO ONE should be accepting these actions inside our borders, citizen or immigrant alike. However, it’s the anti-government and anti-abortion individual/group that have been placed upon pedestal or shall I call them “martyrs” by many that are very disturbing, it’s their belief of being impervious to the law of the land that is causing more harm than anyone else.

As I’m writing this, the 21st anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing conducted by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols has passed. A great reminder of how anti-government individual/groups feel violence is best to be heard.

Research shows both McVeigh and Nichols were radicalized by the anti-government “Sovereign Citizens’ movement, a group that has committed many crimes, including killing of police officers. The group used the events of Ruby Ridge and Camp Davidian to help fuel the rage of McVeigh and Nichols. It’s also worth noting that McVeigh had even traveled to Waco, Texas during the government standoff to see this “tyranny” first hand.

By the time McVeigh was sentenced to the death penalty for his attack, he had became a martyr for many hate groups while other anti-government groups were appreciative of his anti-government stance however they did not agree with his action.

Or how about Rep. Steven King standing on an emotional soapbox and using the action of Andrew Joseph Stack III to further his agenda against the IRS?
Many do not remember who Andrew Joseph Stack III was, so let’s go down memory lane.

Andrew Joseph Stack III became another anti-government martyr for a blink of an eye after he flew his single engine plane into an Austin Texas office building that housed the IRS, FBI as well as the offices of St Edwards University because he held grievances about the US tax code that he claimed ruined his life in 2010.

Again, many praised his actions because there’s a large majority of people who complain about the excess of our tax codes and call for the abolishment of the IRS all together. That action was further cemented in the “abolish the IRS” banter by Rep King who stated “the attack was “sad,” “by the same token,” it was justified because once the right succeeds at abolishing the IRS, “it’s going to be a happy day for America.”

This elected official gives a back handed praise to actions that injured many, destroyed property and he attempted to use it to help his platform to gain support for his plan to rid the US of the IRS. How the hell does he still hold a seat in government?

The misguided mischief of Cliven Bundy led talking heads like Sean Hannity on a path of misinformation that enjoyed resurgence by his sons Ammon and Ryan when they led their band of “Vanilla ISIS” or “Y’all Qaeda” militia brothers in taking over a government facility at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. “Y’ALL Qaeda” followers packed up their campers and trucks, left their families and jobs behind with delusions of righteousness, not to mention very little supplies to only have their venture end in the arrest of the Bundy Bros and the death of Robert Finicum; a person whose actions of running away in high speed chase, almost running over an officer and not listening while reaching for his gun is somehow now martyred by some militias across the nation makes absolutely no sense.

The amount of anti-government groups and their actions is startling as they feel to above the law, yet bang pots when the law supposedly violates their freedoms. Many anti-government militia groups have denounced the actions of the Bundy Bros as the incorrect way of being heard and causing a greater government oversight into their movements and gatherings.

For me there’s a hypocritical theme with the event of Malhear in that people celebrate the actions of the Bundy Bros but mock that of Occupy Wall Street years prior. Both settled on public land without permission; one squatted while the other used force.

Then there are the anti-abortion individuals/groups that have made greater gains recently, violent and non-violent alike, after decades of hidden agendas. From the recent Richard Lewis Dear to Eric Rudolph to Scott Roeder, people praise their actions, some raising the Bible and chant “eye for an eye” as just cause for their actions. Death is death, yet it’s mostly the innocent who die in these attacks.

To stay current, what Richard Lewis Dear did was kill innocent people outside of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. People cheered on social media outlets for his assault that killed 3 innocent people and injured another 9, some calling it the Lords work. Those that died: Iraqi war veteran Ke’Arre Stewart, Police Officer Garret Swasey and Jennier Markovsky did not need to die because of one person’s delusional thought. They were at the facility either helping a friend or scheduled doctor check-up.

Now what if a child was hurt during his selfish stupidity? Would people still be cheering him?

In the end, there seems to be a form of fun, if you can call it fun, is how people immediately flip the topic to whether or not those involved were/are Democrat or Republican. Who the hell cares? Its insufficient material to the story, but it makes people happy so they label to which political thoughts are worse.

So stupid a society we have that people want to destroy history in an attempt to cleanse the nation. Even in a Utopian environment when time passes some form of hate rises.

That’s it, slap the tap, my head hurts and the bottle of Titanic Irish Whiskey has gone belly up