Thursday, April 13, 2017

Where is the 'War on Easter'?

I was just thinking "why is there no 'War on Easter'" argument (or at last one I never heard of)?

There's always a 'War on Christmas' and, well not to be a d*ck, we're Americans we need to commercialize and profit from every holiday possible. Well except Sept 11.

Kids know more about the Easter Bunny and expect Easter baskets full of candy while searching for plastic eggs filled with... more candy! Nothing sounds more Easter-like than cannibalizing the ears off a Chocolate bunny, yet many Christians are silent, why?

Where is Bill O’Reilly leading the charge?

OK I’m not gonna go into the whole O’Reilly scandal, that’s for another day, but Billy is visiting the Vatican this week in celebration of Easter. But, nope, there are no protests in front of schools for not holding an Easter pageants like they would if the school had not for Christmas. No complaints about it being referred to Spring Break on the school calendar.

Hell even the Congressional calendar doesn’t even note the week off as Easter/Spring break but as “District work week.”

Nope everyone will be joyous and posting pics of little Timmy/Susie all dressed in pastels matching outfits on social media or planting tulips and mulching the yard after another dreary winter.

Yep, Easter just another gift giving, food fest, “Big Sale” weekend that lost it’s meaning

That’s it, slap the tap on some Osterbier and pay your political tab.

CHEERS! And Happy Easer from the Politically Brewed Crew

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