Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weren’t we already done this pot-hole plagued road before?

I watched some of POTUS Donnie’s Trade Conference on CNN this afternoon and I can’t complain about his Infrastructure Initiative, I mean as long as it doesn’t falter as POTUS Barry’s “shovel ready” plan did. And when I say falter I’m talking about how poorly executed POTUS Barry’s project was even though in the end there were some results.

Hey $1 trillion bucks is YUGE! But can we, the taxpayers, afford to pony up more cash?

Yes all construction jobs are short term solutions when any type of government is involved, but what do we get as an investment?

Sure these projects put money in someone’s bank, puts food on the table and keeps the roof above one’s head, but in the end, it’s still a short term solution in helping a struggling economy as those paychecks being spent ain’t gonna equate to a $1 trillion payout.

I complained under POTUS Barry’s plan that patching potholes and duct taping bridges only goes so far and how, especially in the Northeastern US, we must put massive effort into rebuilding a wobbly electric grid and push towards fiber-optic networking. That and I’m a proponent of nuclear energy as well (Shush with coal is the future talk).
Yes I’m giving POTUS Donnie some props for his Infrastructure idea and of course his visual aides were fantastic.

Yes breaking down and cutting red tape makes sense, but there has got to be Government oversight of sorts because, well, I wanna make sure the cement wasn’t mixed with the consistency of silly puddy. And of course these short term jobs, whether it be a highway repave or a wind turbine and yes even building a wall, are employing American workers and those companies bending those rules are properly fined or contract cut.

Sound ok to you POTUS Donnie? Give me a shout and we can discuss this further than the “YES” folks surrounding you

Slap the political tap and enjoy that Ragin’ Bitch because life is about to get a bit more expensive
CHEERS! www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2017/04/04/trump-vows-1t-infrastructure-plan-massive-red-tape-rollback.html

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