Thursday, November 10, 2016

Buyers remorse: What happens if "First Day" promises are missed?

Over the past few days we’ve read about Donnie hanging out with Barry at the White House, how Hillary faltered, large groups of millennials looking for safe spaces to cry on campus and over speculation of government appointment will be granted to Sarah Palin. Oh please Oh please can it be a ambassadorship to the island of Bongo Tongo?

Media needs to speculate on everything now heading into a new administration, mainly to keep viewers tuning in and for their experts to keep earning a paycheck but with all the hype about draining the “Swamp” there is very little noise about Donnie’s transition team composing the lizards and snakes from that very “Swamp.” Yes K Street and many former status quo Reagan, Bush 41 & 43 are well represented along with the chap lips of Gov Chris Christie and Dr Ben Carson.

So it is status quo, just a rearrangement of positions.Really that doesn’t bother me as the “Swampees” are needed to get the wheels rolling on Pennsylvania Ave and one wouldn’t want a bunch of rookies tripping and stuttering trying to find their way to the nearest Starbucks.

Along with the “Swampee” speculating many on both sides of the Poli-talking heads have been polishing their magic 8 balls and churning out their “First 100 days!” predictions, because for some reason everyone believes those are the only days that set the agenda. Bullshit!

Why are we still comparing beginning of an administration to the barnstorming lawmaking of FDR in 1933?

Hell Donnie promised about 20+ things he’d do on Day #1 too which I won’t hold him too, but you know the Leftie Poli-talkers will be keeping score.

The (lack there) genius of Ann Coulter attempted a bit of humor by penning that Donnie’s first 100 days would consist of nothing but “Building the Wall.” It’s cute to Ms Coulter attempt humor, which she lacked a few months ago by not understanding what happens at a Comedy Central “Roast” and her being the butt of jokes. But the “Wall” that many are drooling about, well let’s just say that the GOP is cheapening the deal by looking at alternatives like a double chain link fence to help with any private land and waterway issue, plus that Border Patrol cannot see thru a typical brick and mortar wall. Graffiti artist are upset to lose that giant canvas
Many have made noise about the missing “Muslim ban” promise from Donnie’s website with those folks saying “he’s softening his tone” only to have the campaign calling it a “glitch” and it promptly reappeared.

Then there’s that Obamacare promise. Donnie has given hints for his plans to “repeal and replace” which I have no issue with as I was never for the idea of Obamacare, however I also believe an replacement plan should be on the Congressional calendar prying to hacking Obamacare away. Donnie had promised that on “Day 1” Obamacare would be gone.

Now he can with a stroke of his gold plated pen he can scribble higher tariffs on imported goods. Per Hal Shapiro, there’s a miniscule notation on the Trade Act of 1974 allows a president to slap retaliatory tariffs on those that violate trade agreements or use unfair trade practices. Funny thing about that is, I know people who have stated they don’t mind paying more for goods if imposed as if it were some patriotic theme in life.

Truly I am hoping for a successful presidency for Donnie even though I stated I have never ever been a fan of his. As I did with Billy, W43 and Barry, I know I will not agree with every issue and how can I? Yes, they all did something I agreed/disagreed with and I voiced my pleasure/displeasure yet it’s going to be 4 years of comparing and blaming past administrations by the drunkard DEM/GOP Loyalists.

So we shall see how Congress, better yet the Congressional GOP handles their adolescent president come Jan 20, 2017. Will they work for the will of the people or allow Sarah Palin to be Press Secretary?


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