Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My call for a National ID movement?

I admit that my fellow co-workers and I partake in many strange oddly humorous conversations in the office too which I am not always the ringleader. Sports, movies, food, and of course politics may run the daily gambit in an agreeable manner that would make O’Reilly and Stewart vomit. There’s a certain decorum and opinionated respect that our society has lost that works with my co-workers, but then again we’re usually shooting rubber bands across the office in attempt to break one’s concentration.

During a recent rubber band battle the conversation broke from the mountainous amount of college bowl games and how ESPN has savaged college football to the Russian hacking of US elections. Now we’ve agreed that Russia did not hack our voting machines even though Media has tried to persuade everyone as such. We’ve concluded that the “hacking” goes beyond the description of the word, and yes, Russia did attempt to influence the outcome which is no different than our own government has done worldwide for decades.

Gotta love cubicle political talk.

But as we joked about vodka induced Bolsheviks hiding in Northern Siberia punching their Commodore 64, the topic changed to those who did not vote and how the “dead” were still more patriotic by voting. OK, kinda sort of appeared to vote, but the topic led into a Voter ID discussion that turned into sales pinch for National ID.

I’ve had a belief in a National ID card for an extremely long time. Hey we’re a nation of convenience; everything must be simple so why not have one card that has everything from your Driver’s License to Passport to Health/Medical info scanned to it.

Now some may say I’m talking about the “REAL ID” from a few years back, well it’s that and much much more.

A quickie reminder for those who do not remember what “REAL ID” was about. Way back in 2005, the House passed the “REAL ID” Act in response to help secure the nation after 9/11. Basically it was a glorified Driver’s License, yet after it passed it went nowhere because many States tabled the idea as they did not want to force their residents to have to pay for reissuing a new card.
When I say glorified Driver’s License, I’m not lying. Your current DL carries simple info: Full name, Address, Birth date, Gender, DL#, Photo and Signature. However the REAL ID had that info plus valid Birth Certificate, Social Security # and proof of Legal Citizenship/Temporary residence.

Too me, that ain’t good enough. Why not add more like North American Passport, Medical and Health info, Voter ID, hell even Conceal/Carry license?

Don’t cry about corruption or “big brother” databases when the majority of people already have their credit card info on the iPhone to quickly pay for their Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino Blended Coffee so they don’t have to fumble for change or a credit/debit card and remember or snap-chatting while squatting over a diseased toilet at their local restaurant on a dinky unsecured guest “wifi.”

Here’s a hypothetical. Image if you’re pulled over by the police and the officer runs your National ID card, he can know immediately if; you’re on medication, have a health issue such as Autism or pacemaker or even have a Concealed/Carry permit. That officer could then determine why you might be acting irrationally and handle the situation with a bit more caution.

Now I stated North American Passport because anyone who has traveled north/south of border knows what a pain it can be, especially heading south. Traveling to either Canada or Mexico can determine close to 4 different types of passports and other vital info.

Hell just traveling to Canada you’ll need 1 of 4 types of passports and that depends on the mode of transportation but if a resident of Washington, Michigan, Vermont, or New York all you need is an Enhanced Drivers License.

Heading to Mexico is a different issue as time limits and mileage come into play. If you’re crossing the border by vehicle as a tourist for less than 72 hours and staying within 18 miles of the border, you’re free to travel. However going beyond the “18/72” by car or plane well get a Passport card and possible Passport book (depending on destination) or you got some ‘splainin’ to do! And good gravy if it’s business travel you need a Passport book plus special forms on you at all times for 30 days only. And don’t even ask what you need if you plan on staying longer.

Can’t we just have easier means of verification?

Here’s the kicker, while I was selling this National ID plan I had to remember that the folks I work with are a mix of: politically Conservative or Independent, concealed/carry card holders, former military and a few millennial too which all liked the notion. Damn I need to run for Congress.

I understand a National ID is a pipe dream and honestly an easier way to fix Voter ID fraud is a simple digital thumbprint since many feel a form of Voter ID is an infringement on ones privacy and voting right.

That’s it, slap the tap on some Dirty Dog Brew and don’t forget to show some ID at the door

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