Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Time To Give The US Election System An Enema!

I don’t know about you but I think it’s time that the US Presidential election system could use a good enema to help expel what is about to happen. Let’s truly begin a movement to change the process that so many despise and weep over.

The argument over the Electoral College is a tired debate, it’s cliché to attack but it’s loved by Pundits to play games and beat the victory drum. Look it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing the cries of heartbroken about how the Electoral College system must go in favor of the popular vote. Think about it, can one, voter and candidate alike, take pride in winning the popular vote knowing full well that Hillary and Donnie are the least popular candidates in Presidential election history?

Outside of calling for candidates to partake in a version of Survivor or for higher entertainment value a game of Wipe Out, we’re stuck with the same old complaints of a system that has survived this long under its true intention.

So why not look around at where changes can take place to save the collective sanity of a nation that has been beaten down over Campaign 2016 since Campaign 2012 ended! Yes, behind the Media curtain is a list of possible contenders for the next presidential election and they must be talked about now! Because the viewers haven’t recovered from the past 4 year hangover, so keep pouring the juice.

The 2012 election hadn’t even ended and Pundits were already pulling names from their partisan sponsored hats, which explains why the GOP had such a lackluster roster thanks to likes of Hannity rubbing the shoulders and ear nibbling of Christie, Cruz, Paul and Rubio. Hell Tom Cotton wrote a letter to the Shah of Iran and people were clamoring for him to jump in.

Hey don’t get me wrong Left/Right Media were already running their pre-recorded Hillary specials before her cankles waddled to the announcement podium giving no hope to any DEM even thinking about stepping up.

In all honesty, countries like Germany and England have the right ideas on how campaigns should be run and I truly think we need to adopt some of ideas. I say this because there is absolutely no reason why a Presidential election should begin just hours after one ended!

From TV commercial limitation, stranglehold on campaign finance and a limited campaign schedule Germany and England have the right ideas. There’s a theme here and it could be enjoyable, especially for those that aren’t into politics as many claim. Let’s call it a campaign abbreviation; less advertisements, less debate, less primary, less annoyance. Yes just like a diet only with less withdrawal symptoms.

Germany only allows one 90 second political commercial per candidate. Yes just one ad for the entire campaign season and it only airs equal to that of how many votes the party received in the last election, so 100 votes equals 100 times commercial airtime. Seriously Germany does not believe in negative campaigning. For “Jolly ‘Ol” England the rules are even harsher as campaign tv commercials are banished completely.

Both Germany and UK allow candidates to campaign but those are only allowed to happen in a 6 week timeframe ending on Election Day and somewhere in that timeframe a debate may take place. Grant it that the UK voters are not choosing their prime minister, they are voting for Parliament who then choose their leaders

"If you have one party that's just able to amass a load of money and shout louder than the others, that's not healthy for democracy. And we wouldn't interpret freedom of speech to mean an unlimited ability to spend, spend, spend." Katie Ghose/Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society

Where’s the fun in trying to polarize a nation with overpriced, overplayed attack ads that spew the same regurgitated myths and tales of (insert name) opponents for people to buy bumper stickers and t-shirts to state their allegiance to one candidate/party? With all the headaches and regurgitated myths being passed we really need to put limits on everything from Candidate merchandise, Pundits endorsement, SuperPacs, and even Primary calendars. It's the latter that seems to be easiest to begin with.

There’s so much to list that has Germany and UK doing that seems to be correct however there is so much money tied up in American politics that we have become accustomed too that any changes might end in a revolt. But let’s play

Taxpayers spend just north of $400 million on primary elections. There’s no need to have 12-13 months of primary campaigning with 6 months of sporadic elections to widdle down the numerous candidates, especially when the majority of the candidates are Governors and members of Congress that aren’t doing their day jump while traveling around the nation kissing hands, shaking babies and shoveling food in their mouths while acting interested in your thoughts. I’m declaring an 8 week primary campaign calendar, say from April 1 to May 30 with everyone voting on the same day. None of this first in the nation, caucuses and super delegates garbage, simply toss tradition for a winner take all one night melee.

Candidates can still do their interviews but the true campaigning begins on April 1 and of course their advertising dollars are saved with only one commercial allowed to play. Ya know what, I'm feeling generous, so let's allow two commercials and those are only allowed to play per the candidates national approval rating. So pucker up candidates and buy stick in lip balm.

Of course we need primary debates, but those are limited to only four national debates because anything over four is just repetitive talking points and slander anyway. Besides haven’t we complained enough about the GOP’s scheduled 15-18 debates or how the DNC scheduled their debates on Saturday/Sunday evenings against College/NFL football or The Walking Dead to hide Hillary?

Plus, and for me the golden ticket, there’s truly no need for a party convention. Yes bars and strippers will be saddened by that proposal but it's not needed and a city will not have to prepare for protesters and drunk delegates.

Problem solved. Move along, enjoy your summer till the General Election begins.

As for the General Election, the primary rules apply; limit commercials to quantity of 2 and airplay equals that of National approval rating, 8 week campaign schedule that beginning with the first Tuesday after Labor Day and ending on Election Night, and the already agreed upon three debate system between the candidates.

Sounds pretty fair and balanced. How can anyone complain about that set up, outside of the candidates, media, pundits, and special interests?

Wait, what am I thinking? This is the US and I'm positive a very smart lawyer would figure out that one or two 90 second political ads is against one’s freedom of speech or a candidate would revert back to the much maligned 2008 Obama 30 minute campaign ad about his “policies and ideas” that has yet to be matched, unless you want to consider the ESPN/LeBron James free agency special as one.

The other wrinkle that shows is that of the PAC/SuperPAC that raise ungodly amounts of money to push a candidate's agenda with actually being associated with the candidate. That would be a long, expensive SCOTUS battle to get Citizens United struck from law. I have a better chance of passing a kidney stone the size of a Volkswagen Beetle then defeating Citizens United and the Koch Bros money behind it.

In the end there’s too much at stake in the our election cycle to allow changes. Special interests, political party and big money donors would not have time to gloat and spend so much time as too why their boy (or girl) is the best for the country no matter how bad they perform or embarrass.

That's it, slap the tap on some Little Bitchin' Otter Ale and pay your political tab because it's not long before you're drowning under the nozzle


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