Thursday, May 14, 2015

2016 Democratic hopefuls- Hillary, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.

2016 Democratic hopefuls- Hillary, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.

I never truly understood the term “it’s like throwing horseshoes and hand grenades” until it became a good characterization for the 2016 Democratic Presidential hopefuls/wanna be/has been/not ready for prime time Democrats. So close for the fringe Party Left yet so far away from the rest of the Party.

Yes of course I’m talking about the Democratic Party placing all bets on Hillary winning it all in 2016, a rehashing of dreams from 2008. It’s quite fair that Hillary, Hillary, Hillary is the “Marsha” to the rest of the Democrat Party’s’ “Jan,” but it’s their own fault for their current dilemma.

It’s a fair assessment when looking at the Democratic Party over the past few Presidential elections that they don’t have what it takes to do the job.

Yes I know, Obama won the last two Presidential elections, but can we honestly say the GOP put their “best man” forward in those elections?

But going into 2016, however one wants to call it, from political bench warmers or JV farm team, the Dems lack depth as the youth movement is far from strong and lacks backbone as the Old Guard sits atop the order. And any of those young potentials from Corey Booker to Julian Castro to Deval Patrick all went *POOF* into political obscurity.

Some say Julian Castro is in training for future elections, but taking a job within the Obama Administration pulls him away from any attention he would need to boost his name recognition, while Deval Patrick has currently taken a job within Mitt Romney’s Bain Corp.

Apparently the 2016 version of the Democratic Party class has reverted into the 2000 version of the GOP. By this I mean a very small, career politician field with only one illuminating brand name trying to tell everyone to “PICK ME PICK ME!.”

So now the Dems hopes lay within the names such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Lincoln Chaffee.

A refresher of the 2000 GOP class that had all too familiar names of George W Bush, John McCain, Gary Bauer, Orrin Hatch, Steve Forbes and Alan Keyes. I don’t know how it relates to today, but it’s rather funny that the GOP didn’t want George W Bush to run, as they pushed hard at recruiting brother Jeb, whom now 15 years later, many do not want near a primary.

But then again, that’s not fair to equate the 2000 GOP class like this. The Dems didn’t have a huge choice either in 2000 with Al Gore, Bill Bradley, and Lyndon LaRouche, while a host of names from Howard Dean to John Kerry declined to play in the 2000 election cycle.

Of course I’m taking for granted that only the “Dem 3” shall be the only ones to run, because we have yet to hear the future intentions of Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and “Grandpa” Joe Biden.

Unfortunately for O’Malley, it seems that the events in Baltimore have cast a “doubtful” cloud over his parade due to his terms as Baltimore Mayor and Gov of Maryland being linked to economic disadvantages of the city’s populace.

As for “Grandpa” Joe, well every VP is always a consideration to run in the next open Presidential election, yet as big as of an ego he has, I believe he’ll kick back in a rocking chair after this term is over and enjoy playing Media commentator come election night.

I know there are a few other names being tossed around in Elizabeth Warren and Kristen Gillibrand, of which I will default to the “staying home” tag for these two, even though there are whispers of a Clinton/Warren partnership if Hillary is given her entitlement. But again, the DEMS are falling into the trap of nominating those with little experience/accomplishment thanks to the passion of the Media.

But until Sanders and Chafee get a push in all Media forums, it’s Hillary Hillary Hillary. Please swallow your cackles and cover your cankles for the national audience.
How many times can Hillary have a reservation for the Oval Office?

A quick trip backwards to 2008, Hillary was the victor before entering Iowa and by the end of Jan 3 2008, she finished a distant 3rd to Obama. OK if a smidge over 8% is considered distant thumping then it had to be a punch in the gut to lose by 0.3% to John Edwards that evening.

By the final tally of 2008, Obama had won 33 primaries to Hillary’s 22. Well make that 21, because Obama wasn’t on the Michigan ballot, so we can’t count that one. But if you count Michigan, then she actually wins the popular vote with 18 million counted, which obviously that was a victory in name only, because popular she is not.

She's a "Pantsuit Stylin,’ Demographic Profilin,’ 40 years Limousine Riding, Campaign Donor Jet Flying, Ass Kissing, Bankroll Wheelin’ n Dealin’ Cold Hearted Bitch" of a politician(My apologies to the great Nature Boy Ric Flair)

Face it, for all the infatuation and reverence by many for President Bill Clinton there is an equal amount distaste and condemnation for Hillary. I always like to say that Bill Clinton could walk into a McDonald’s and strike up a conversation with anyone, eat their meal, walk away with their Shamrock Shake and leaving that person saying “I like him, he was nice.” But for Hillary to do so, one gets frostbite just from the handshake.

Just within the few weeks after she announced, her campaign staff has proven every public appearance is a fabrication to the highest regard.

Call it political gimmickry or personality forgery; it’s an application for any candidate to be seen as a man, or woman of the people. Her campaign pulled out all the props and theatrics for a 1,186 “Griswaldish” trip from New Haven, CT to Des Moines, IA to meet common folk along the way the day after announcing.

Does anyone actually believe Hillary was riding shotgun in that jet black van? I honestly believe she was riding sky high above on a private plan and had the van waiting at a small airport for her to jump in. Think about, they pre-announced the areas she was to stop and visit the common folk.

I can bash Hillary the politician all day long but in the end outside of a near catastrophe or death, this is Hillary’s game. But then again, it wouldn’t be the first time a politician lost an election to a dead candidate, just ask then incumbent Missouri Senator John Ashcroft how that works.

Then again, Hillary’s 2008 campaign ended in catastrophe and a broken glass ceiling.
Face it, it won’t matter how much the others try, the Media wants Hillary, the GOP wants Hillary and neither will settle for anyone else because “they can’t quit her.”

That's it, Slap the political tap, pay your campaign tab and call your doctor for a prescription of Cymbalta and Zoloft to make it thru the next 18 months


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